Anthem Colossus Class Builds Guide – Close-Ranged, Aoe, Takedown Builds, Recommended Loadouts

The Colossus Javelin in Bioware’s Anthem is the tank class. Heavy, slow, yet packing immense firepower, this class has quickly become one of the favorites among players.

Colossus Builds Guide

In this guide, we will go through three builds for the Colossus Javelin class in Anthem. The Colossus is a tank class with lots of combo options.

It has no innate shields nor the ability to dodge, but it has more health than any other class. Additionally, it also has a physical shield with limited durability that can be used to deflect incoming attacks from up front.

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Colossus Close Range Build – Burn ‘em All!

  • Ordnance Launcher: Lightning Coil
  • Heavy Assault Launcher: Flamethrower
  • Support Gear: Shield Pulse


If you have the necessary Masterwork components and weapons, this is perhaps most powerful build in the entire game for any Javelin, let alone the Colossus itself.

The reason for this is just how much you can stack up crazy damage with the correct Masterwork gear and components in this build.

Although this build was not as strong in the beta, the recent updates have made it a force to be reckoned with. It is particularly good against almost all types of regular enemies.

It is not the most powerful build against bosses, but it is still powerful enough to make soloing Grandmaster 1 not as hard as it should be.

The core aspect of this build comes from the ridiculous stacking damage of both the Flamethrower and the Lightning Coil. The Flamethrower acts as the Primer here and you can incinerate a large group of enemies with ease.

Since the Colossus is designed to fight from close range, incinerating enemies is easy and deals a ton of damage with the right Masterwork components.

Once all enemies are on fire, you can trigger the Lightning Coil to strike several times. The key with this build is to get the Masterwork Lightning Coil, called the Vassa’s Arc.

This crazy variant causes a huge electrical explosion on the third hit that deals enormous damage. Shields are almost instantly obliterated with the Lightning Coil, allowing you to combo further with the Flamethrower and your melee attack.


The weapons we recommend for this build are a powerful Autocannon and a Grenade Launcher. Yes, we are talking about hardcore Colossus-exclusive weapons here.

Autocannons have gained a considerable buff and are a viable option for when your Flamethrower is on cooldown. Moreover, it is not a Colossus if you are not getting some kind of explosion, which is what the Grenade Launcher is there for.


Components are what transform this built from great to epic. For this build, look for as many Masterwork components that maximize combo and elemental damage, namely the Colossus Combo Augment, Catalytic Overdrive, and Overclocked Regulator.

Colossus AoE Build – Michael Bay Wannabe

  • Ordnance Launcher: Firewall Mortar
  • Heavy Assault Launcher: Siege Artillery
  • Support Gear: Shield Pulse


This Colossus Javelin build is all about destroying large crowds with fire and making explosions happen.

One of the best Gear skills of the Colossus class is the Firewall Mortar, which is a mortar that deals high explosion damage, followed by constant DoT by setting an area on fire.

Yet despite its fantastic visuals and the blazing flames it ignites, this ability is only a Primer. The real oomph comes from Siege Artillery, the Detonator ability that releases a huge explosion in a combo with the Firewall Mortar.

The build is simple yet highly effective to use. You’ll be needed your shield a lot for this build however, as because of the erupting flames it can be difficult to see which enemy is shooting at you and where from.

A great way to use this build is to start off with the Firewall Mortar followed by the Siege Artillery, then raising your shield and running in to bash the strongest foe in a mob.

Follow this up with shooting your weapons and mowing down all the enemies, then rinse and repeat. For further devastation, you should consider components and weapons that greatly increase the speed of availability of your Ultimate.

This build is particularly effective against bosses and elite enemies because of how much raw burst damage it does.

The damage is not sustainable all the time like the previous build, but it combos for high spike damage, which is ideal when dealing with bosses.


Since you will be up close and personal with the Colossus, we recommend a Shotgun and an Autocannon for this build.

Grenade Launchers are largely redundant, and Shotguns deal a lot of single-enemy damage at a decent rate when you get into the heat of battle.


For the components, you will want a couple of Masterwork ones, specifically the Colossus Combo Augment and Explosives Expert. The latter is extremely important as your Siege Artillery deals a done of blast damage anyway, as does your Ultimate.

You should also consider Overclocked Regulator as it greatly increases Fire damage, which is what both your Gear abilities will dish out.

Colossus Takedown Build – Armor is for the Weak

  • Ordnance Launcher: Firewall Mortar
  • Heavy Assault Launcher: Railgun
  • Support Gear: Shield Pulse


This build is quite similar to the previous one, but it swaps out the Siege Artillery for the Railgun. The reason for this is that the Railgun deals heavy single-target damage and ignores a lot of armor.

It is particularly excellent at taking down the toughest enemies and even bosses. The Railgun, however, has no elemental damage associated with it, so you will be using different components than what you would with the previous build.

Like with the previous build, the Firewall Mortar will be your go-to ability to deal with crowds of enemies. Setting the alight and using weapons such as an Autocannon to mow them down will be your main source of damage.

The Railgun should be then reserved for the most powerful enemies. This ability is particularly useful because of its high armor penetration, making it extremely effective against armored bosses and elite enemies.

If you want to combo with something that would take out multiple opponents, you can use your melee weapon.

Burn the enemies with the Firewall Mortar, raise your shield and storm into some enemies, then hover in the air and land a devastating melee blow.

Reserve the Railgun for the most powerful enemies when they are isolated and primed at the same time.


For the weapons, we will recommend a high-quality Autocannon and a Grenade Launcher as the second choice.

Try to get improved recharge and higher Q and E damage on your weapons so you can use the Railgun ability as frequently as possible.

Your Autocannon will be the main weapon of choice in this build and your main damage dealer between your combos.


For components, the Colossus Combo Augment is once again a no-brainer. Go for the Masterwork version of this component.

To maximize the damage of your Railgun, you should also try to get your hands on a Masterwork Heavy Assault Augment as well. The rest of the slots can be used to stack up your combo damage and increase the defense (armor) of your Javelin.

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