Let’s Breakdown Anthem Classes – Ranger, Colossus, Storm, Interceptor

During EA Play, BioWare confirmed that Anthem will feature multiple classes alongside a multitude of other features. These Anthem classes are directly tied to Javelin Exo Suits operated by you. Each of these classes host an array of unique abilities that will come in handy in different situations.

One thing that BioWare confirmed is that Anthem will not restrict you to a single class and you would have the complete liberty of swapping your exosuit depending on the situation.

Anthem Classes

A game that is focused on equal parts exploration and equal parts combat will mean you need to stick to a class you are comfortable with. This is because each class called the Javelin, come with their own exo-suits that have different abilities and power-ups that will aid or hinder both the aspects of the game mentioned above.

There are a total of 4 classes that will be available on day 1. These will be the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. Abilities that are general to all include the movement skills like flying, boosting, and leaping.

Each class comes with their own unique ultimate ability and two abilities associated with each of the bumper or trigger buttons. These unique abilities have cooldown times.

You are free to try out any one of these classes and it will not hinder your progression as you can swap these classes whenever you feel like. You can do this while in the midst of campaign, so choosing the classes becomes really flexible.


This is your all-around, vanilla or the basic assault class that will be ideal for combat scenarios. Weapons that will be obtainable are your standard pistol, shotgun and assault rifles for this class, but only two can be equipped at a given time, a secondary and a primary weapon. You also come equipped with a melee weapon that is like a baton covered in bursts of shock or electricity.

The LB and RB buttons (RT or LT) will allow the ranger to boost out of enemy attacks or move closer to them. The second ability will allow the character to throw out frost grenades to freeze off his foes momentarily.

Finally, the ultimate ability for this class is triggered by holding down both the shoulder buttons at the same time. For the range, this is a barrage of missiles that are fired at a single or multiply locked-on enemies to deal massive damage.


More suited to the tank or heavy gunner class, the Colossus will come equipped with a heavy machine gun and a specialized assault rifle to deal decent damage. For melee damage, this exo-suit can leap and land on the ground to smash its enemies and deal good damage.

The left shoulder button will allow the Colossus class to perform a standing mortar strike while the right shoulder button sends out a single missile that causes a delayed explosion to deal a good amount of damage. His ultimate ability will allow him to enhance his one-missile shot to deal devastating damage over a large area.

Now, judging from the gameplay, there seems to be a different customization of the same class because we see a Colossus using a Flamethrower to deal Burn damage and a shield to absorb hits. All of these abilities in a single toolkit would be a little unfair for a single class, so this definitely seems like a different upgraded or customized class altogether.

When blocking any explosive attacks via the shield, you can check for the durability by looking at the yellow arch that is displayed on your screen.


This class is more support-oriented and resembles the Mage or Warlock class in many RPGs. We have not seen much of this class but we did get a look at how it used an ability that allowed it to teleport quickly while it was flying in air. We are also able to observe him using a blue-ish shield around him while hovering in air.


This is the only class that we have seen or heard almost nothing about. Apart from the fact that it wears a green-white exo-suit and throws a fancy grenade, we have no gameplay bits for it from any of the previous conferences. I hope that we will see more of the Storm and Interceptor classes as we approach Gamescom and other gaming showcase events.

Anthem launches on Feb. 02, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and will always require an internet connection to function.

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