New Anthem 2.0 Details Teased For September

BioWare will soon be sharing a new development update for Anthem 2.0 which remains in development as an ambitious reboot of the entire base game.

Taking to Twitter earlier in the week, director Christian Dailey confirmed that there are plans for a new development update in September and chances are that the topic of discussion will be revealed beforehand in the coming days.

This will follow the development update from earlier in the month, and several more from past months where BioWare provided some insights on the many changes planned for Anthem 2.0 in the future.

Anthem was released back in February 2019 into the awaiting arms of a mountain of criticism. The game was marred by repetitive and a lack of new content which BioWare was never able to tackle despite repeated assurances. The game was also held hostage by balance issues as well as accompanying bugs and glitches. Anthem was clearly not the Destiny killer that it was being touted as.

In February 2020, exactly a year later, BioWare admitted that a point has been reached where Anthem 2.0 becomes the only available solution. A statement from general manager Casey Hudson pointed out that the game requires a “substantial reinvention” to bring about a more deserving experience. However, the complete reboot would not be in the form of mere patches or updates.

Anthem 2.0 will be a single, massive overhaul for existing players, much like how Final Fantasy 14 Online was overhauled into Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

Anthem 2.0 remains without a release date. BioWare, for the time being, remains committed to gathering feedback by sharing where the developer wants the game to go.

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