Another Halo PC Edition Leak, This Time On The Microsoft Store

This topic’s been a highly unsure debate due to all the leaks surrounding it being, well, leaks. This next one is on the official Microsoft store though, so could this actually mean that we’re finally about to see a Halo PC edition?

Now the HUB is a touchscreen application that’s available on Windows 10. Of course I’m not saying the game will only be playable on a touchscreen. At least I hope not.

But this does basically indicate that we could be seeing Halo on the PC very soon. The older titles from the Master Chief collection. To be honest, that’s what we really want.

We’ve seen hints from Microsoft before about the fabled Halo PC edition. Just as a side note, we have had old Halo titles like Combat Evolved on the PC as well. Even Halo Infinite is set to be released on Windows so it’s not too far fetched to have a Halo game on your computer.

To be able to once again experience the original Halo trilogy though, that’s one hell of a nostalgia trip. A lot of the community memes about how the Halo multiplayer was a distant memory now. If the Master Chief collection does get ported to PC though, it won’t just be a memory anymore.

Furthermore, a lot of people including myself actually missed out on the Xbox One Halo games. Either because we bought the PlayStation 4 for its exclusives or because we invested in a computer setup.

This move will definitely let 343 Industries win over a lot of Halo fanboys as well that have longed for the games to be on Windows. This is including the fans hung up over Bungie developed Halo games.

Last but not least, the accuracy boosts that we’ll get from playing on a mouse and keyboard. Imagine how faster paced and brutal Halo matchmaking will now be. No more sluggish controller aiming, exciting!

Once again, this is still just a leak so it’s not confirmed. Until the distant release of Halo Infinite, however, it helps to hype something up. Would you love to see a Halo PC port?

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