Anomaly 2 Finally Arriving on PS4 Tomorrow, Priced at $14.99

11 Bit Studios has revealed that its highly anticipated title Anomaly 2 is going to land tomorrow (16th Sept.) on PlayStation 4, where you will be able to download it at the price of $14.99.

Anomaly 2 will take place after the events of previous title Anomaly Warzone Earth, where the earth was invaded. The world is now under control of aliens and they are making sure that human specie is wiped out of the planet sooner rather than later.

However, few survivors have managed to get grouped in convoys and your convoy is called Yukon and you will be the commander of this convoy as you lead the troops into the battle.

In total, the game will feature 14 missions in single player campaign, while multiplayer mode of Anomaly 2 goes a bit deeper and provides you with multiple maps that you can dive in, offering quick and longer battles.

11 Bit Studios has also released the OST of Anomaly 2, so if you like the song of the title, then you can download it right here.

The game upon its release on PC gained fairly decent response from both critics and fans as they appreciated the game for its accessible and challenging multiplayer. Now that it is finally launching on PS4, we will see how Sony’s community reacts to the title.

Are you looking forward to get Anomaly 2 for your PlayStation 4?

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