Anno 2205 Crashes, Errors, Loading, Freezing, Performance and Fixes

Ubisoft’s Anno series has managed to secure a large fanbase around the globe and since it’s a popular game among the real time strategy and simulation fans, Anno 2205 has become the sixth game to be released in the franchise.

The game so far is looking alright (performance wise) however, many users seem unsatisfied with lack of multiplayer and some other features related to resource management. Technically, apart from the few common issues, the game shouldn’t present you with any annoying problems.

And if you are looking for a solution for a specific problem, you browse through the following listing to find the possible fix.

#1 Steam Crashes During Download/Install Issues
If Steam is being crashed while downloading or installation, you should try deleting the whole data related to game from steamapps folder and try the download again.

If that doesn’t work, you should try changing the region to download the game. You can always switch it once the download is complete.

#2 Anno 2205 – AMD Freezing Issue Fix
A lot of users have reported about the freezing issue they are facing either just after the launch or after the loading screen. If you are a victim too, try updating your drivers to the beta version and the issue should be resolved.

#3 Anno 2205 – The Game Won’t Load
If you are facing this issue then you most probably are an AMD user. If that’s the case, changing drivers to the beta version should fix the issue for you.

#4 Anno 2205 – Game Crashes With Shadowplay
For now, there is no known fix for the problem. So if you want to play the game and record it, you may want to try some other digital capturing tool.

#5 Anno 2205 – Performance Issue on Laptops
First thing you should make sure is that the game is using your dedicated GPU instead of integrated one. Your laptop should be plugged in and you should have latest drivers for the GPU for optimum performance.

Also options like shader quality take a lot of resources so you can also tone down your graphics settings a bit to get the performance boost.

#6 Anno 2205 – Missing Language Audio
The issue is common with those who used third party service to purchase the game. So in order to make the language audio work properly, you can find the solution here.

#7 Anno 2205 – Launch Crash Issue for Nvidia Users
If you are an Nvidia user and are using Nvidia surround, try disabling. This should resolve your crash to desktop issue. Also, if you are using Shadowplay to record the game, disable that too as there have been reports about Shadowplay crashing the game.

If you are facing any other issues related to Anno 2205, do share with us in the comments below!