Anno 2070 Troubleshooting and Fixes Guide

Another game launch by Ubisoft went horribly wrong at the digital front. Ever annoying DRM started things off by making fans angry, followed by encrypted game files that a majority of the gamers downloaded from Steam. If you are one of the users struggling with Anno 2070 issues, this Anno 2070 Troubleshooting guide will help you fix all the problems.

Anno 2070 Troubleshooting

Now, that the launch dust has settled and Ubisoft has unlocked the game files on Steam, you can check our list for workarounds for other issues that may keep you from playing Anno 2070.

Anno 2070 Delux Item Missing ?
It isn’t missing, it should be installed in the following folder and you should get the in-game item too. Check your profile!

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\anno 2070\deluxe_content

Anno 2070 Not Starting?
The files supplied to Steam were somehow encrypted which made it impossible to start the game at launch. Now, that Steam has fixed the issue, a simple Steam restart would start file decryption. If it doesn’t verify the integrity of the game cache and it should resolve the issue.

Can’t Get Past Mission 3?
It is a glitch, so you might want to wait for the patch.

Can’t Connect To Servers
Make sure your firewall is not blocking the network connection and double-check your anti-virus, better put it in game-mode or disable it if the issue persists.

Anno 2070 – No Sound Fix
Make sure your Sound Driver is not set to Primary in the control panel, because if it is, set to use Realtek HD Audio to fix the sound.

Serial Code Not Working
Re-install the game and it should work – magic.

Can’t Play Offline Mode
You will have to log-in to game launcher even if you are trying to play the damn game offline.

Anno 2070 Connection issues – Online Game
If you are experiencing problems connecting to online games, make sure you have 3074 and 80 TCP/UDP ports forwarded in your router.

Anno 2070 Ubisoft Game Launcher Error
To fix issues with Ubisoft Launcher, you will have to edit your host files that can be found in:


Open it with notepad and add the following lines (Make a Back Up before doing that, if you screw it up): localhost

Save the file and try to run the game launcher again. The issue should be resolved now.

Multiplayer Gets Out of Sync
If your game goes out of sync after 5 to 10 minutes in the game, make sure you have the suggested ports forwarded for your router. Disable firewall and any antivirus you have installed.

Ubisoft Game Launcher has not been found. Please reinstall ANNO 2070
Download it manually – here.

Missing Anno5.exe Missing
It may have been flagged or deleted by the antivirus you have installed. AVG has been reported to notoriously do that, so better have your antivirus disabled when installing and playing Anno 2070.

If you face any other issues with Anno 2070, let us know, and we will try to help you out.

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