Animal Land Walkthrough Guide

Animal Land is another social game similar to CityVille. The objectives are pretty similar but here you are attracting animals instead of human towards your city. You can build different houses, business and other structures for that.

Just like most of the Facebook games, it has a toolbar on the top which shows your basic items like the amount of energy, coins, XP, and money along with some game options.

The bottom toolbar has everything else such as the population, building modes and your friends list. The objectives can be seen by clicking onto the left side button “Other Quests”.

Coins: It is your currency; the more you have the better your city will go as you will be able to spend more on items and building things.

Energy: For every task you assign to your workers – you need energy. It refills after sometime but can be bought as well.

Goods: The main stock which must be built/formed and then supplied to your business for getting an outcome/profit. If a business is out of stock it won’t generate a revenue.

Experience: Gaining experience is required for increasing your levels. You will get some experience points every time you perform a task, many points if you do a task. When your level increases, more items are unlocked.

Quests: These are the tasks which you can complete; they have different rewards (coins, energy or XP).

Build Mode

This is where you build/add stuff for your land. It will open a new window right after you click on it with a detail/list of items and categories you can work on.

Housing: This is where your animals will live, adding each house will increase the number of animals which can be filled onto your land.

Businesses: are setup to increase the amount of income for you. More the businesses are more the revenue will be.

Community Buildings: These are expensive and are a must setup for you. Such buildings will give you lots of coins but after some time. The best part is that they increase your population cap.

Decorations: The other items which will help you to beautify your city and increase the outcome of the near-by business/buildings.

Farming: Alternate way of earning, you can start farming just like you do in Farmville and earn something out of it.

Land & Sea: Some of the animals prefer land or some would prefer the sea, you can check the animal book for their preference and build according to their liking.

Hearts: These are just obtained by visiting your friends and help in unlocking different items.

How To Build Town

Here is a quick guide which would help you to get started:

How To Build Houses
That’s right; the first part to do is to start building some houses as without them you can’t carry out anything. Simply use the build button and select from the housing tab.

Try to build one at the sea and one onto the land, be reasonable as you don’t want to run out of coins in the start.

By clicking the more information button you can see what house is right for what sort of animals and some other things related to it. Houses must be linked to a road.

How To Manage Business and Make Money
Now that you have spent some money on establishing a community, you need to start earning some proper money. You can simply build different businesses which have variable income.

You will have to refill their stock once you’ve collected the payment, every time. Stock is made by “farming”, click onto the farming tab and choose a plot – Farm Plot or Aqua Farm Plot. This assigns and modifies the small patch chosen by you for farming purposes.

You can then select any sort of seed and plant it onto that patch, once planted…it will take some time (variable) for growing. When it is ready you can harvest it – you will see your stock to be increasing, there is a storage limit for that too, so you will have to build warehouses for storage.

How To Manage Population & Other Buildings
Each city has a population limit, for increasing it you will have to make some other buildings known as the community buildings.

They will also give out revenue and increase your population cap, although you will have to wait a little more than you do for the other buildings.

How To Expand The Town & Removing/Moving Buildings and Items
Obviously, with the growing of your town you want to make some changes. You can use the “move” button on the bottom right side of your screen for moving an item.

The type of the terrain can be changed by clicking the “edit land” button and then selecting land or sea. There is an area-limit on which you can build things, for increasing that you need building permits which are obtained by different ways and fulfilling different requirements.

How To Manage Coins & Energy
You must keep checking your businesses and be efficient in collecting the revenues; this will result in more income as they have to be collected first for the next stock to be sold. Coins are also earned by completing different objectives and tasks, obviously you can buy them too.

Same goes for the energy, by doing quests. It can be bought too or your friends can gift it to you and you can gift it to others as well, although if you are lazy to do anything for it then it will refill itself after sometime.

How To Be Social and Profit
As the most of the other games, you have to be very social. It will result in great profits. Visit your other friends who play the game and it will help you progress faster.

You can send them gifts and receive some too. By doing some of their work you get a cut and your own energy isn’t affected either.

The main part is that they have to work as an employee in your community buildings, without their help you cannot make one for free or will have to spend the Facebook credits.

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