Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Money Farming Guide

Money is used in most games in the modern era and Animal Crossing is no different. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Money Farming Guide will tell you of each of the ways through which you can make some dough quick so that you can use it to do whatever it is that you wish. Read on to find out ways to farm the money in a relatively quick way rather than the tedious ones people use normally.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Money Farming Guide

Nintendo Rewards
Link your Nintendo account at the start of the game to do missions that can earn you various rewards. You can complete the camper requests and stuff to earn as much as 5000 bells for 100 points.

You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts by going to the More section to earn further money.

Selling Inventory
Your inventory will have a lot of stuff that you do not require any more. Sell those items for money from your inventory to make some quick cash.

Rare items can get you quite a bit of cash. But remember to not sell all of your common items as you can gift them to animal friends and raise your friendship level to earn more bells.

Use Market
Place your items in Market Boxes where your friends and random players can go and buy them from you. They will sell for much higher than normal but only if they are rare. Since everyone will already have all of the common items.

Selling Furniture
You will have a lot of furniture that you do not need due to extenuating circumstances in the game. Head to the marketplace from the map and then sell it to the vendors. Attract guests to your camp and then sell the furniture for a quick profit.

Friendship and Levels
You can net yourself rewards and craft materials by completing requests of villagers. This will also increase your friendship level which will net you further rewards.

Also, remember you can get Bells for leveling up the friendship meters and talking to villagers in your campsite.

Shovelstrike Quarry
You can go to Shovelstrike Quarry to earn Bells and other rare materials by mining for ores and rubies. However, you either need five friends to help you or you need to spend 20 Leaf Tickets.

Pay attention to the icon over the quarry on the map as it will give you an indication of whether you will earn Bells or Crafting Materials if you go to the quarry at the time.

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