Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Level Up Fast Guide

Leveling up is quite an important objective in most single-player games and many multiplayer ones as well. Animal Crossing is no different as you can get many different rewards when you level up. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp How to Level Up Fast Guide will tell you the ways through which you can make the process of grinding up your level much less boring and much quicker.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Level Up Fast

You should want to level up very quickly as it will allow you to unlock new animals, new furniture, new content as well as giving you a multitude of rewards for your efforts.

New friends
New friends are much better for raising your level since their relationship level is 0 and it is much easier to level up your relationship with them than it is to level up a friend with a higher level.

Upgrading Amenities
Upgrading Amenities gives all of your friends residing in your campsite 5 points for their next relationship level. This is good as you can have friends who are level 7 or above stay at your campsite to upgrade them all at once by upgrading your Amenities.

Friends and Requests
Completing requests will increase your relationship level with friends and level up faster. Speaking to your friends regularly will also have the same effect.

Friends will have requests for you after a set amount of time and you can also use your request tickets to do more requests if you run out of them.

Have friends at your Campsite
The base maximum Relationship Level is 7, after this, it will be very difficult to upgrade that level. The way to get around it is to invite your level 7 friends to your campsite and place an item that increases your relationship with them there.

You can also craft an item for them to increase their level or use the Upgrade Amenities move which we discussed earlier.

Raising Relationship Level
As you might have guessed by now, the most efficient way to increase your Player level is by increasing the relationship level of your animal friends.

Every single relationship level adds 2 points to your own Player Level so it is definitely a good way to upgrade the level of your player.

Stocking Up
Staying fully stocked on all the essentials is the best way to complete requests. For example; animal requests can be fulfilled if you have bugs, fish, shells, or fruit.

Your map shows you the area in which an animal is residing with a request. If you have the required items already then the map will display, a tick next to them.

Sending Out Gulliver
Sending out Gulliver as much as possible is a good way to level up. This is because every trip he makes takes up to 6 hours of time.

Craft up and give him some items before sending him out. You will then get more silver/gold treats than essence treats

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