Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Shovelstrike Quarry Guide

If you are a new player of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you will probably not know what is the Shovelstrike Quarry and whether it is worth spending an audacious amount (20) Leaf Tickets to gain access to it. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Shovelstrike Quarry Guide will tell you all there is to the quarry and how you can effectively use it.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Shovelstrike Quarry Guide

We will first outline what exactly is the Shovelstrike Quarry, and then tell you the best way that you can use the aforementioned Quarry to your advantage.

What is the Shovelstrike Quarry in Pocket Camp
The Shovelstrike Quarry is essentially a spot near your camp where you can mine a massive ore and reap the rewards. The rewards are not that big usually and you can spend the 20 Leaf Tickets for stuff that is far more useful, to be honest.

However, occasionally you will stumble upon an extremely rare item that will make the trip worth it. To put it simply, it is like a loot box.

Once you gain access and enter the Shovelstrike Quarry, you can mine up to five of the stones found over there. It is really difficult to anticipate the results as you do not have any influence over what you get.

Is the Shovelstrike Quarry Useful?
If you are going to spend 20 Leaf Tickets to gain access to the quarry, then don’t! There are tons of other things which are much better suited to you spending your money.

You can also access the quarry by asking for help from your friends though, and since it is free, it is definitely worth it since you can use the quarry to gather some important resources.

Just make sure you visit the quarry with your friends and for free, add up some friends as soon as you start playing and answer their requests as well so that they are more responsive to yours.

One way to get them to notice your requests is to go to their place and give Kudos to them as they will be notified of that and will see your request much sooner.

The amount of rewards you receive is calculated by the time you enter this area and the table below shows what you get.

Reward Mineral Name Mineral Reward Value Potential Bonus
Steel Wood Cotton Paper Preserves Gold Nugget 4 Material 100 Bells +2 Material +50 Bells
Silver Nugget +2 Material +50 Bells +2 Material +50 Bells
Ruby Sapphire 300 Bells +200 Bells
Essence  Gold Nugget 2 Essence 100  Bells +1 Essence +50 Bells
 Silver Nugget +1 Essence +50 Bells +1 Essence +50 Bells
Ruby Sapphire 300 Bells +200 Bells
 Bells  Gold Nugget 1300  Bells +200 Bells
 Silver Nugget 600 Bells +200 Bells
Ruby Sapphire 300 Bells +200 Bells
Seasonal Craft Materials  Gold Nugget 6 Material 100  Bells +2 Material +50  Bells
 Silver Nugget 4 Material 50  Bells +2 Material +50  Bells
Ruby Sapphire Does not appear. N/A
 Gyroidites  Gold Nugget 3 Material 100  Bells +2 Material +50  Bells
 Silver Nugget 1 Material 50  Bells +2 Material +50  Bells
Ruby Sapphire Does not appear. N/A

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