Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friendship Guide

Friendship impacts most of the things in Animal Crossing such as your own level and the amount of progress you can make in the game. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friendship Guide is your surefire way of understanding how you can easily increase the relationship level of each of the animals that are your friends so that you can move forward with your playthrough of your game.

In order to increase your Friendship levels with campers, you have to keep crafting and upgrading amenities. If you max out one of the amenities of the first set, it will unlock the second tier which can be used to increase the Friendship level even more.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friendship Guide

Now we will take a look at some of the best ways to quickly and effortlessly increase the relationship level of your friends and some other general friendship tips.

Eventually, you will be gifted a framed picture of the animal at level 20, which is the most precious gift that you can receive in this game.

Requests are the primary way to advance your friendship with any particular animal. You can complete their requests to increase your friendship link by collecting items for them and getting bells or crafting materials in return. You can view animals that have requests for you and travel to them for the requests.

A bubble will appear on their head as you approach them to tell you if you have the items that they require. When you have the items, you can talk to them and give them the items to earn a reward and witness a cutscene of the both of you using the items together.

Occasionally, you will be able to simply talk to the animals to increase your level and earn rewards. If the text appears in red, it means that the conversation will increase your friendship level.

Invitation to Campsite
Inviting animals to your campsite will have great rewards. The animals will require a certain item at your campsite before you can invite them there so remember to get that item to strengthen your friendship link.

Have as many animals ready to come to your campsite as you can to ensure you can easily level them up when you need to.

Each level unlocks new things for you and level 10 unlocks Amenities. Upgrade these amenities to increase your friendship level beyond the cap of level 7 that you initially have.

Unveiling new amenities will also increase your friendship with the friends who attend the ceremony. Amenities can be located in the crafting menu and cost resources to build.

Special Requests
Either at Level 10 or 15, the animal will ask you to craft an expensive item and place it in your campsite. These items will really improve your friendship so try to craft them as soon as you can.

Speaking to Villagers
Villagers can gift you 500 / 2,500 Bells or materials and friendship points with that character. The friendship level effects the potential amount of Bells and material the player receives. Having a conversation with the villager will also earn you 3-6 Friendship Points.

Villagers Requests
In the campsite, villagers get one request every three hours whereas outside, the villagers get three requests. The request is going to be to find a Lost item but he will be given a hint as well.

Your reward depends on the rarity of the item. You get between 2-10 points

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