Animal Crossing On Nintendo Switch Might Come In Early 2019

Fans finally got the good news about Animal Crossing coming out on Nintendo Switch. The launch of the simulation game on Switch became official at the Nintendo Direct. Although the announcement from Tim Nook might have portrayed early stages, Animal Crossing might release sooner.

It was clear to everyone before that Animal Crossing would launch in 2019 on Nintendo Switch. But developers might give us the game on the hybrid console in the earlier parts of 2019. A recent turn of events has confirmed that the game was in the development stage for 3 years.

A source from Lootpots established that the game has been under development for 3 years now. While we were being teased about Animal Crossing, the game was being readied to get launched. The most probable date for the game to come out would be late in the first quarter or the start of the second of next year.

So, March or April would be the time for the release date of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. The timing could work out well for the developers as it would succeed New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe coming out in January.

Furthermore, it was also confirmed by the source that Animal Crossing would not be a spin-off. It is going to be a full-game which would justify the price of 59.99.

Despite all the speculation, one must remember that Nintendo hasn’t confirmed Animal Crossing Switch release date yet. The development of the game might have ended but developers might have other plans for now. Nintendo could have planned to announce the news in the next Direct event.

But it has been long enough since the announcement of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. Let’s not forget the tease we got from Isabelle joining Super Smash Bros. Despite all these build-ups we still don’t have an official release date for the game.

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