Animal Crossing: New Leaf Special Events and Festivals Guide

Throughout the game in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are plenty of fun activities and festivals going on regular basis. These activities are a lot of fun, and you can expect many presents from them.

Following is an alphabetical list of all the festivals in Animal Crossing.

April fool’s Day
As the name suggests, April fool’s Day happens on first of April and just like in real life, pranks are done on other residents of the town.

Birthdays of Residents
Residents of your town will send you their birthday invitations usually one week before the birthday. Attend them and give them gifts. This does not add anything to the main story but is a lot of fun.

Depending upon the year, carnival happens in spring between February and March. There is no hailing or raining during the day of carnival and confetti and colored papers fall down from the sky as a gesture of celebration. Pave hosts this event in front of the town hall.

Children’s Day
As it is a Japanese holiday therefore it is missing from the US version of the game. On this day, Isabelle will give you a Newspaper helmet, you can take a picture of yourself near the tree and you will be able to purchase Carp Banner from Nooklings.

This event takes place on 25TH of December.

Christmas is the event when players search for Jingle in order to get prizes from it. Jingle can be found outside or inside animal houses but only those who will have their lights shut down.

Also in order to get more than one present from Jingle, you will have to trick it by continuously change your appearance.

This happens on the New Year eve. This is actually a countdown to the New Year. At exactly 11:00 PM, Pelly will announce that the countdown to the New Year has begun. People will start to gather there and will meet you excitedly.

As the time will pass by, music in the background will begin to change. And at 12:00 AM, the board displaying the countdown will read “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

Pelly will then wish everyone a happy New Year and on the next day players will receive New Year letters from every villager.

Doll Day
Also known as Girl’s Day in the game, this festival happens from March 1ST to 3RD March. You can also purchase two special items from Nooklings.

This is also a Japanese holiday, so you will have to visit the particular town in order to receive the gift from Isabelle.

Easter is also referred to as Bunny Day in the game. Each year, it happens on a different date but strictly on a Sunday.

Easter is hosted by Zipper T. outside the town hall. During this festival, you can obtain egg series items from Zipper T.

  • Egg Bed
  • Egg Bench
  • Egg Chair
  • Egg Clock
  • Egg Dresser
  • Egg Lamp
  • Egg Stereo
  • Egg Table
  • Egg Toy Set
  • Egg Wardrobe
  • Egg Wall
  • Egg Floor

Father’s Day
Father’s Day usually happens on 3RD Sunday in June. On this day, your mother sends you a letter informing you about how your dad is doing and stuff.

It also includes a gift of ‘Red Carnation’ from your mother.

This is a summer event and happens on every Sunday in August. You will see the spectacular firework show in the sky. You will also get a prize from Redd by buying cookies for 500 Bells.

Just like in the real world, residents of your town dress up as scary looking people for this event. Prior to this event, Jack sends you a mask for it. Put it on and join the fun.

Harvest Festival
It happens on 4TH Thursday of November. All you need to do is visit Franklin in the plaza who will cook an amazing meal for you but it will also require you to do something in return and that is finding the ingredients for the feast.

Meteor Shower
This event occurs at different times throughout the summers. You will see shooting stars up in the sky. Pressing ‘Up’ on your D-Pad will display the stars and pressing ‘A’ will allow you to make a wish.

You will then receive a letter with a special gift attached from the star, the next day.

Mother’s Day
Your mother will send you a special letter on this day which happens on 2ND Sunday of May. And it will also include rare pink flowers with it.

Mushroom Picking Festival
From October 15TH to October 25TH is the mushroom picking festival. Five mushrooms will appear at 08:00 AM in the morning and you can pick them before they disappear.

These mushrooms will offer you bonuses and you can always sale them for good price.

My Birthday
When you first come to a town, people will ask you about your birthday. Setting this will allow you to receive birthday wishes and presents from the villagers. Isabelle will also wish you and if you go to the Club LoL, K. K. Slider will sing you a special song for your birthday.

Moreover, you will also receive a cake on this day.

New Year
As the name suggests, New Year happens on January 1ST. Visit plaza to receive a special prize and find the letter from your mother to receive New Year wishes and 10,000 Bells.

Summer Solstice
This festival begins on 21ST of June. Sun will shine for a longer period of time on this day. Find Isabelle in Plaza to receive a special gift on this day.

Valentine’s Day
Do you have a special someone in your town with whom you would like to spend your Valentine with? Make sure to send them a special card or present to show them their love.

You will not be able to find Isabelle on this particular day but you may receive a letter from her, if you are lucky of course. Valentine’s Day happens on February 14TH.

Winter Solstice
December 21ST is the day for this festival. Just like in real life, days begin to shorten as the winters approach. But on this particular day, sun does not rise at all. So it’s night time all day.

Visit Isabelle in the plaza to get your special gift from her.

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