Animal Crossing New Horizons Shops and Facilities Guide

The island in Animal Crossing New Horizons aren’t desolate landscapes. To populate them, you have to make use of various shops and provide facilities for the residents of the area. This Animal Crossing New Horizons Shops and Facilities Guide covers everything when it comes to buildings in the game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Shops and Facilities

Shops are places where you are allowed to buy items that are not available through exploring or crafting. These shops will provide you with items that are supposed to be bought by the in-game money.

You can also put the unnecessary and unused items here for donation. If you keep on buying items in the shop or use your influence then this can upgrade the shop and bring in more items with increased quantity.

As of right now, the following facilities are available in the game

  • Resident Services
  • Airport
  • Resident Services (Upgraded)
  • Museum
  • Nook’s Cranny
  • Able Sisters
  • Campsite

The shops and facilities are discussed in detail below:

Resident Services
Resident Services is a facility that is available from the beginning and will be useful as you play. You will have a workbench there that you can use to make the DIY Recipes you collect while playing the game. This workbench should hold you over until you either make your own workbench or pay off your 1st loan.

Residence Services (Upgraded)
Build Nook’s Cranny and Tom Nook will ask you to place a bridge below. Put three plots on the island and then craft the furniture for the interior and exterior of the houses. Now, every day a new village is going to move in the plots and after all three buildings have been rented, Tom Nook will announce the upgrading of the building which will take a day.

The Residence Services facilities after upgrading will give you access to a greater number of features than you had before upgrading. You will be allowed to pay and reserve the plots for villagers.

You will be able to build more bridges and slopes and if you pay a fee then you can also move around the building. In the upgraded resident services you can evaluate the Island, Change the Island Melody, Change the Island Flag, Consult about island residents and call an amiibo

The airport is a facility that is opened from the beginning and will be utilized while connecting with different players, also when you need to go on an island. So as to play with your friends online, you will require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The Museum is a facility that is needed to be unlocked. In Museum you can identify fossils and donate fish, bugs, and fossils. While it isn’t clear how to unlock the museum in New Horizons. It is possible that players can open the Museum simply after a special visit from NPC Blathers, as prove by the Direct mention of “tourist” visits teaching player new skills.

So you start by donating either five fishes or five bugs to Tom Nook after which he allows you to place a tent for Blathers.

This will be the Museum so plan before keeping it as you won’t be moving it for a long time. Talk to Blathers the next day and he asks you for 15 donations. Four days after this the Museum will be built

Nook’s Cranny
It isn’t unlocked from the beginning. Nook’s Cranny store is where you can both sell and buy different sorts of items. It is presently obscure what kind of upgrades are coming up for this shop.

When they are rotating their stock of items each day, you can sell Hot Items there and they will be sold at double the price on that day. You can put items in a box if you don’t want to wait for the shop to open but you really need to sell an item.

You need to pay off your getaway package of 5,000 Nook Miles and then ask Tom Nook about upgrading your house. Give Timmy 30 items of Wood, Softwood, Hardwood, and Iron Nuggets. Timmy is going to give you a building plot for Nook’s Cranny and a day later it will be activated.

Able Sisters
The Able Sisters facility is needed to be unlocked. The able sisters run a tailor shop where you can purchase different clothing, for example, shoes and shirts. Like past games, Sable will become friendly on the off chance that you make a special effort to talk with her multiple times.

You will find Mable in Nook’s Cranny and then you will see her in the Plaza below Resident Services on random days of the week. Talk to her and buy items worth 5,000 bells after which she will give you a building plot for her shop. The day after it will be open and on for business.

The campsite can be Summoned by means of amiibo. It is where animals that can be called through amiibos live. In the event that you chat with them loads of times, you can request that they should move into your island.

Once you have upgraded Residence Services Building, Tom Nook will ask you to build the Campsite for villagers. Buy 15 pieces of each wood and 15 Iron Nugget and then keep them where you want to build the Campsite. This is going to stimulate the visits of villagers from the next day.

Harvey’s Island
Harvey’s Island allows you to use the Amiibo Cards for making the characters pose and then take their pictures. Scan amiibo to get posters of the character and purchase them off for 1000 bells. After you have convinced three villagers to come and stay at their island, Harvey is going to invite you to his island. Ask Orville in Dodo Airlines to take you to Harvey’s Island

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