Animal Crossing: New Horizons Midnight Launch Cancelled By EB Games Australia

EB Games Australia just cancelled the Animal Crossing: New Horizons midnight launch scheduled to happen in Melbourne. Unsurprisingly, this occurred to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Any Australian Nintendo fans will unfortunately not be able to attend the Animal Crossing: New Horizons launch event in Melbourne. EB Games (an Australian retailer), recently canceled the event that was set to take place at the Swanston Street store. According to EB:

Due to the Government restrictions regarding the cancellation of events over 500 people, the launch event for Animal Crossing New Horizons will not be continuing this Thursday night. Animal Crossing will instead be available to pick up from us from 7am this Friday.

People that ordered the game via a digital copy for Nintendo Switch can rest easy. The cancellation will certainly not affect these people and they will still be able to enjoy the game at its midnight launch. However, if you were intending to pick up a copy of New Horizons from EB Games, you will have to wait till 7 am on Friday.

The number of cancellations due to the novel coronavirus keeps adding up. These steps are definitely necessary to halt the virus from spreading even faster. Hopefully, these preventive measures bear fruit and the outbreak is stopped from becoming an even bigger threat.

The first review for Animal Crossing: New Horizons gave it a 38 our 40. Following that, the game has been getting almost perfect scores from multiple reviewers. The game will have a villager size of 383+ which is more than previous Animal Crossing games.

New Horizons even lets you use your old collection of amiibo which can be used to summon your most likable character to your campsite. In addition to that, you will be able to transfer the game’s saved files to another system, although you can only do it once. Nintendo provided this feature to make up for the lack of the save data cloud functionality.

Nintendo is set to release Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 20 for Nintendo Switch.