Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario Warp Pipes Guide

In this Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario Warp Pipes guide, we’ll explain what Warp Pipes are, how to use them, and when they will be available in the stores in ACNH.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario Warp Pipes

Super Mario Brothers’ 35th-anniversary celebrations have spread their roots all the way to ACNH.

With the anniversary celebrations underway, we’ll be seeing quite a lot of Mario-themed items in ACNH. However, the best amongst them happens to be the Warp Pipes.

Knowing Your Way Around the Warp Pipes
Warp pipes will be making your travel across the map much easier by allowing you to teleport between any two locations on the map.

As mesmerizing as it seems, Nintendo wasn’t going to give away such an amazing travel hack for free. It comes at a cost!

One Warp Pipe will cost you 5,000 Bells, and you can get one from the Nook Stop terminal at your Community Center.

Well, if you think that 5,000 bells don’t seem like a hefty price given the ease it will bring in your life, one Warp Pipe is useless.

Getting one Warp Pipe is the same as building a door that opens into a wall.

One Warp Pipe will define an entry point, and you’ll have to place another one at another place on the map to define an exit point.

The fun doesn’t end here! If you like surprises, then we suggest you get yourself plenty of Warp Pipes and place them at random locations on the map.

This way, when you jump into a warp pipe, it will place you at another Warp Pipe exit of its choice.

You heard it right; you can place more than one Warp Pipes on the map.

Now for the players who are looking forward to using this new feature as a utility then we suggest you spend 10,000 bells and get yourself two Warp Pipes and they would be sufficient for fulfilling your needs.

Pinpoint two locations on the map that you travel across much frequently and place the warp pipes on those two locations. This will save you some time.

When Will They be Available?
Now that you’re all hyped up about experiencing this new Mario-themed Warped Pipes, unfortunately, they are not available in the stores at the moment.

You’ll have to wait till 1st March before you unleash your creative skills and start laying down your Warp Pipes.

Until then, happy walking!  

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