Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Releasing this November With Isabelle & Digby Amiibo

Nintendo UK has just announced the arrival of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival for Europe. It will release on November 20 in the region.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival adds some life to Wii U’s holiday line-up. Buyers will get an Isabelle & Digby amiibo (while stocks last) + 3 amiibo cards.

The news comes just after Nintendo posted Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival figurines on its Japan website. From the looks of it, Japanese fans will have to wait till December 17 to get their hands on Figurine such as Blathers, Celeste, Resetti and Kicks.

Meanwhile, Animal Crossing Amiibo Bundle, featuring Isabelle & Digby and amiibo cards will release on November 20 in the Japanese.

In Japan, the price of this bundle is 6,400 yen (roughly US$53). Nintendo has also listed 12 individual Crossing Amiibo Festival figures. Here are some of them:

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