Angry Birds: Stella Crosses 2 Billion Downloads on Launch Day

Angry Birds: Stella

Angry Birds: Stella is the latest installment in the highly successful ‘bird-slinging’ series and was released today worldwide for both iOS and Android devices.

The game has already been confirmed to have been downloaded around two billion times, but the enormous numbers probably got a boost out of the game being free to download in the first place.

Angry Birds: Stella features a new lead, a pink colored bird named Stella who has a power of her own. She is able to freeze in mid-air and choose to launch in another direction. In contrast previous Angry Birds installments have seen to players being able to slingshot birds in only one direction.

Stella is also joined by other characters – Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahlia and Gale. Like her, each of her companions have a different ability in the game as well. The unique ability sets help in clearing specific levels easier and getting a higher score.

While most levels are still easy to clear, it’s getting the high score that matters. Doing so unlocks Stella’s companions, each of whom require a specific number of stars to be made available. However, players can always use real money to unlock them any time they please. Microtransactions can also be made to purchase extra lives and powerups.

The next game in the series will be Angry Birds Transformers, which features toys that not only transform from cars to robots but also function as Telepods in the app.

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