Angry Birds 2 Tips, Strategies, Cheats For Gems, Birds, Bosses, Spells

Angry Birds 2 tips, strategies, cheats for gems, birds, bosses, energy and spells for the sequel of the original Angry Birds by Rovio. I have been playing Angry Birds 2 since it came out, and can’t get enough of it.

After sucking at the game for a few hours, I starting picking up on some stuff which really helped me complete different levels, and squeeze out as much points as I can.

Today, I’ll be sharing all of those tips, tricks and strategies with you guys, to help you do better in the fight against the evil Pigs; so lets begin:

Red is Your Best Friend
If I had to choose one Angry Bird I loved in this game, it would be Red. He is highly useful as his Battle/War Cry makes him effective against concrete barriers.

Interestingly, Red was considered the least useful character (by me) in the first game. However, with this new ability, Red’s Battle Cry and penetrate concrete barriers. The best case scenario is that you use Red when a concrete structure has a TNT crate at its base, or a Pig you wish to take down behind it.

When Fighting Bosses, Be Creative and Use the Environment
Angry Birds 2 has many Boss Fights and these bosses are tougher compared to your average Pigs. Trying to take down the boss directly will not do you much good. Instead, use the environment to damage the boss. One example, is that if a boss is sitting on top of a platform with wheels underneath, target the wheels.

Angry Birds 2

This will make the platform to go tumbling down and cause significant damage to the boss Pig.

Keep a Healthy Stock of Spells.
Angry Birds 2 offers different spells that the player should stock-up on, for when he/she has totally screwed-up a level.

  • Golden Duck Spell: This spell comes in handy when shelters have been destroyed. Using it will cause a plethora of ducks to rain from the sky and shower upon the Pigs.
  • Frost Spell: Another great spell and highly effective when dealing with Pigs sheltering behind concrete structures. This will freeze any and all structures on the map to allow players easy access to Pigs, using the multiple layers of the Blue Bird.
  • Hot Chili Spell: Sometimes there are situations where you killed almost all of the pigs on the map, however, there is one left hiding in a very tricky and hard/impossible to reach location. Use the Hot Chilli spell of make the cheeky bastard explode.
  • The Pig Inflator Spell: Like the name suggests, this spell will let you inflate pigs. Be creative while using it, best way to do it though is to use it on Pigs in enclosed spaces.
  • Mighty Eagle: The most destruction spell ever, obliterate every single object on the map. It’s best to use it early on to get the most out of it, because getting a certain number of points will give you an extra card/bird for use.

Cheat Your Way Through the Timer
This time around in Angry Birds, you will not have unlimited attempts. You will be presented with a timer once you run out of lives. It’s very annoying but there is a way to cheat your way back into the game.

It’s simple, just reset the clock on your device. iPhone users do the following, similar process is for Android users as well.

  • Go into Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Date & Time
  • Tap Set Automatically to turn in off.
  • Now Set the clock forward an hour or two and you’re good to go.

Earn Gems from Daily Quests
Gems are the in-game currency for Angry Birds 2 and you’ll need them to get more cards, spells, and extra lives. The best way to earn gems is to complete daily quests. You won’t have to play for long hours to complete these and you’ll get a few just for showing-up.

Keep in mind to not throw them away and be disciplined while using them. They will become very useful as you progress further into the game.

Targeting the Base is Key
You won’t get very far in Angry Birds 2 if you keep shooting your birds directly at Pigs. Target the structure of the base and in my experience, Yellow Bird is the best one for this purpose. However, use whichever you see fit depending on the situation and type of the structure.

If you nail it, the entire tower can be brought down with just a single bird. It’s beyond satisfying.

Fan Can Be an Ally or a Foe
As you further head into Angry Birds 2, levels will start to feature fans in them. Using them effectively completely depends on your creative prowess. Fans can mess-up your flight path so make sure you preview the direction beforehand using the dotted line.

Fans can provide a speed boost or provide lift as well, so use wisely.

You Must Know Your Birds

  • Red – Uses War Cry to knock over obstacles.
  • Blues – Splits into three and takes out Frozen blocks in a heartbeat.
  • Chuck – Tap the screen to dash through wooden blocks.
  • Matilda – Tap the screen during flight to drop an egg that explodes on impact.
  • Silver – Loop and nosedive, best used for high flight attacks.
  • Bomb – Explode after crashing, or tap screen to explode on demand.
  • Terence – Knock down objects with this massive bird.

Use the Right Bird
Unlike the first game, you can now choose which bird to fire. Choose according to the situation or object you are trying to target. For instance, if you want to blast through wooden blocks, use Chuck. For ice blocks, Blues is the right choice.

If you have any questions on your mind regarding Angry Birds 2, feel free to ask in the comments.

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