Angelina Jolie Could Direct Captain Marvel: Rumor

Well, nothing would please me more to see Mrs. Smith aka Lara Croft aka Angelina Jolie at the helm of the upcoming Captain Marvel, donning the director’s suit.

You know why? Because she is probably the best that Marvel could do as they are looking for a female director with a high profile.

We have picked up reports circulating the internet that after being in contact with Marvel for a while, the studio is now seriously considering picking her up to direct the film.

The same was expected for Wonder Woman when the project lost director Michelle McLaren owing to creative differences. However, McLaren has now been replaced by Patty Jenkins and that leaves out the unfilled directorial seat for Captain Marvel.

Allegedly, Marvel are eyeing for a high profile female director whose image would go with the movie and hopefully boost it further. Seeing how Angelina Jolie is loved by fans and critics alike, she is definitely going to sit well.

Not just that, Jolie is a much bigger star than Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman; I am also positive that she will also be a bigger star than who ever gets cast for the role of Captain Marvel.

Keeping all that in mind, I don’t think the studio could do any better.

As far as Angelina Jolie is concerned, she might be caught up with directing Brad Pitt starer Africa, but if that project falls apart due to expected financial difficulties, Jolie will have an open slot; and who doesn’t want to work for one of the biggest studios in Hollywood!

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