AMD Plans To Roll Out New Radeon GPUs Annually To Make PC Fussiness More Fun

Gamers and PC enthusiasts have been waiting for Nvidia and AMD to announce their next-gen GPUs. However, both companies are not talking about their next GPU series or whether or not they will arrive this year but, AMD has noted that it is prepared to launch new Radeon GPUs annually to make PC fun.

This is according to David Wang, AMD’s Radeon graphics chief. While during the presentation AMD showcased its unchanged roadmap for its GPU products to come but Wang confirmed that AMD will be rolling out new Radeon GPUs annually featuring process changes, or “maybe incremental architecture changes”.

I think the important thing was that Scott [Herkelman, senior vice president and GM of AMD Radeon Gaming] mentioned about having some sort of consistency, delivering something to our customers so that you keep stimulating the excitement. I think that’s how you make this so business so exciting, so interesting. That’s how it makes the gamers so excited about [it], every year.

He further added that AMD had lost momentum saying “I think, you know, that we lost momentum in all of the media, spending all our energy in chasing AI”. He added that what he wants to do is try and make PC business more fun.

Speaking of AMD, the company has also revealed the world’s first 7 nm GPU, the Radeon Vega Instinct. With the help of the 7 nm the Vega Instinct offers 35% increased performance compared to the 14 nm. Furthermore, compared to the 14 nm the 7 nm also results in double power efficiency.

Furthermore, AMD Navi GPUs Might Not Feature HBM2 memory as they work very well with GDDR6 memory. While they have their eyes set on the HBM technology due it being great for “datacentre/workstation type of application” but they are also planning to introduce the GDDR6 memory to the market.

What do you think of AMD’s decision to roll out new Radeon GPUs annually? Has AMD really lost its momentum? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PCWorld

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