How to Heal Broken Bones in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Broken bones can be a pain in both, your real life and in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Although the ones you break in the game will be a lot more painful for your gameplay than your nerves. There are several ways you can break your bones in the game and this guide will teach you how to heal those broken bones in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Heal Broken Bones

In the game, broken bones can slow you down, thus making you susceptible to harm and of course, a trouble-free prey.

You are going to want to avoid falling from heights, particularly tall trees, especially if such heights result in you hearing a bone-breaking crunch once you meet your ground. Though hearing this is still fortunate since you avoided death.

Yes, you can die if you fall from ‘tall-enough’ heights, Huzzah.

Back to broken bones. If you break a bone during one of such mis(not so much)-adventures, I advise that you look into the following methods to heal yourself.

Give it Time!
Similar to all other natural processes, although ironic when I talk about it in a ‘game’ guide, bone-healing takes time.

But if you’re an impatient dweeb like myself, or if you do not want the vitality gauge of your hominid to have a lower maximum for a while, then you are advised to consider the following ways to heal your broken bones.

The Horsetail is a leafy green plant which you’ll see grown near most watering holes. This plant speeds up the process of healing and gives your tribe nourishment.

Try preparing a number of horsetails since, by the use of a single horsetail, only a small portion of the broken bone meter will lower down.

Khat Leaves
These appear bright red, are very rare and a lot more powerful when put in comparison to the Horsetail, since they give you a sort of a buff which helps you against the cold weather apart from healing your broken bones.

Throughout the game, you will find them growing on small trees.

In order to increase the effect of these leaves, you are going to need to grind them into Ground Khat using a Granite Grinder. Try grinding Khat Leaves whenever you can. Also, a single dose of the Ground Khat will heal broken bones.

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