Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Construction Guide

You need to construct defenses as well as resting areas after you have started to settle your camp which will be used by the members in your clan. This Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Construction Guide contains information on basic construction crafting.

Branch Barricade
To build a branch barricade, you will have to collect and combine at one place four branches that are dead. This number, however, will be reduced once you upgrade Neuronal Trees.

These can easily be found in Savana which is why there won’t be any need to go far for gathering these branches. Option to construct will be provided by the HD when you have piled up the branches.

After that, you would need to band the ground a couple of times and a new branch barricade will be crafted for you.

Your clan settlement needs barricades for protection against predators and even if you are away from the camp and want to stay in the wild a little wild, these branch barricades are very helpful.

In whichever place you pile the sticks, you can construct a branch barricade. Just choose the piling spot wisely cause it will make a difference.

Barricades can be incredibly useful to protect your clan settlement from predators, as well as offer protection if you decide to take a short rest in the wild away from camp.

Sleeping Spot
For the construction of Sleeping spots, you will need natal grass cycads instead of branches and the rest of the process is the same.

These cycads are also readily available in Savana, just pile up 5 of them somewhere to construct the sleeping spot exactly in the same procedure you used for the branch barricade.

If you want to grow your clan, this is a must. Especially in case you want a successful evolutionary chain. This will also fill the sleeping meter 1of your Hominids better than if they sleep on the floor, providing them with the best sleep.

These are the two constructions that we have for now and we will keep updating this page so be sure to check it out again.

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