Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey Neuronal Energy Farming Guide

Neuronal Energy in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey enables you to gain knowledge, develop motor skills, and makes your relationships with your clan even stronger by improving the communication between your clan.

This is why having plenty of this Energy is very important in the game. You won’t get any information on how to farm this energy as the game provides very little help to you in any aspect.

Below we have summoned up a guide for you on the importance of this energy and how to farm Neuronal Energy.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Neuronal Energy

The game uses Neuronal Energy as currency where the more of it you have, the more will you be able to progress in the game.

Having Neuronal Energy will help you by developing skills, unlock updates, gain knowledge and will improve your communication with your clan. All in all, it helps you to expand and grow and also evolve, which is the main focus of the game.

The easiest and used way to earn Neuronal Energy in the game is to give the kids in the clan a piggyback ride. Go you any kid in the clan and highlight them, after that you can give them a piggyback ride.

Once you do that then anything that you do in the game, for example, identifying another species, cracking open a coconut, constructing a new bed in the settlement, explore the forest for new landmarks and survive the incoming threats from other wild animals, in short, whatever you do in the game while having the kid on your back is going to earn you Neuronal Energy.

Analyzing the bones of your ancestors, on the map you can locate them, they are highlighted with a skull, the bones will be on the floor, can also earn you Neuronal Energy.

Other than that, you can farm Neuronal Energy by performing activities, for example, Intimidating, Focusing and Analyzing the obscure assets and things likewise increase your Neuronal Energy.

It is prescribed to work on utilizing your Smelling and Hearing faculties to cultivate Neuronal Energy just as finding new Wildlife. Assembling the meat from dead creatures to examine an increasing Neuronal Energy.

When you lie down on your bed and choose the option for Evolution, three further options appear which include: Evolution, Generation and Neuronal.

Now you have to choose the Neuronal option and spend the energy to unlock new motor skills, knowledge, and communication options with your clan.