How to Find Anathema Key in Returnal

To get to the first boss fight in Returnal, you need to unlock the Anathema Vault. In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to Find the Anathema Key in Returnal so you can gain access to the Vault.

How to Find Anathema Key in Returnal

You will need the key to the vault for the first boss fight. However, the key can only be used once and you cannot find another once it has been used. When you die with the key without unlocking the vault door, the key will now despawn into another location on the map as the complete layout of the map is changed upon dying.

Therefore, there is no fixed methodology on How to Find Anathema key in Returnal, but we have narrowed your search down by listing down a few possibilities.

Possible Location #1
When you are doing the “Use the blade to destroy xeno-tech barriers” objective, head to the marker and look inside the room. The key might be there for you.

Possible Location #2
You can also check in the room where the Crimson Gateway is. Pick up the Atropian Blade from the dead Automaton and look inside the room to find the key.

Possible Location #3
If you’re still unlucky and haven’t found the key yet, get inside the rooms that have a rectangle door symbol on them on the mini-map. You will eventually find the key in one of these rooms.

Anathema Vault Location

Once you have the key, open the map and head towards the red door marker. This is where the Anathema Vault is, that you need the key for. Take out any enemies on your way and stay clear from the sights of the sentries. Finally, you will find a large vault door with glowing red dots on it. Use the key on it and get ready to face the Phrike boss.