Analysts: Less Than 2% PC Gamers Switching To Console By 2020

A recent study from Jon reveals an estimate of 20 million PC players most likely shifting to consoles by 2020. While that does appear to be a rather shocking number, it’s actually less than even 2% of the PC gamers. Not really a dent to PC gaming overall.

Why the big shift though? There’s a multitude of reasons this can be credited to. No doubt the landscape of PC gaming has been changing in these trying times with the abundance of things like Microtransactions and now more recently, online store exclusivity.

I’m talking about the fiasco with the Epic Store of course. The forced exclusivity of games at the cost of consumer choice could contribute to the shift. Furthermore, console gaming is cheaper and more convenient overall.

A major reason that people aren’t leaving PC gaming anytime soon is the fact that you can’t achieve the same quality of gaming on any console platforms.

When it comes to PC gaming, two things come to mind as to why many people are inclined to play it – quality, and accessibility.

The quality I’m talking about refers to how well games can look or run on PC setups. The tech in the graphics cards and CPU of a powerful computer continue to stay ahead of modern console technology. In fact, it might be surpassing the next gen of consoles as well.

The visuals also manage to look better than anything the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can manage. The better visuals, coupled with the fact that a PC can run the game better are a combination that ensures quality in PC gaming.

Regarding accessibility, PC gets anything that isn’t a console exclusive. At times, even those exclusives go on to become PC games. The best example of this case is with the Master Chief collection that comes out on Steam this year.

At most, this won’t even cause a dent in the PC gaming population. Still a considerable one to the console gamers, however.

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