Amnesia: Rebirth The Cistern Walkthrough

In Amnesia Rebirth The Cistern, you will be visiting the Cistern in Amnesia Rebirth after The Arsenal and will be the 8th location that you visit. We have this detailed walkthrough to accompany you through the whole Cistern journey.

Amnesia: Rebirth The Cistern

You will discover the cistern when the tank backfires, and the ground below you go crumbling down, and you go down with it to the underground place called The Cistern.

Now you have to get out of the tank.

There will be a key to your right; the whole tank will be surrounded by rocks, so you have to move it until you find an angle that is free and get out of the tank.

Move the wheel that is in front, and the way will get clear for you, and then get the matches from the chest next to the door to unlock the door.

Next, there will be some debris of the disaster around, move it and go through the hole that you see to the next from.

Get ahold of your Fear

We recommend you keep checking on your baby once in a while as it will decrease your Fear.

Matches and the oil will be in crates on the right side of the room, and you will also find a written note on the other side of the room on the shelf.

Now unlocks the door to the next room and then take a right two times, and you will see a glowing light. This light will lead you further down into the basement.

You will see hatches in front of you now, there will be a wheel on the right side. Move it, and the hatches will open. Enter the first hatch and take two right turns to get out of the second hatch.

Matches and Oil

Now after getting out, go to the left side and take the stair further down. Don’t forget to get the matches before you go downstairs.

Keep an eye for more oil as you go down the stairs, and after getting to the next room, you will find even more matches in the left corner of the room beside the pot.

There will be another note and book fragment in the same room in a table drawer and one more note in a chest on the other side of the room, and a cylinder that’s glowing, and you can interact with it to find a page next to it as well.

Now leave this room and go downstairs, and you will be in another room with a wheel. Move the wheel, and the door will open.

In this next room, you will find more matches in the drawer and on the shelf ahead and in the drawer of the workbench to the right as well.

Hide from Monsters

You will see a green light right ahead, walk towards it but keep an eye as a monster will appear, hide and let it pass and then go to the light and move the wheel to open the door.

Keep going through the passageway, and you will get back to the main area.

The glowing light will guide you from here. It will get you to the right, but make sure to check the left side to get matches from the chest and get back up from stairs.

Solve the Puzzle

Now go to the right side and spin a couple more wheels, and a right hatch will open, and a platform will move.

Now you have to more the wheel in the middle to left and tank will be moved to left and you can access the right hatch.

There will be a barrel with matches on your back side. To unjam the wheel, go from the right hatch tunnel and take two left to get to the stuck chain and snap it. Then get back to the wheels.

Now you have to make a feasible arrangement, turn the left wheel to get the platform back in the wall and then spin the middle wheel to get the tank in the wall slot that goes upward.

Now use the right wheel to get the tank up and then spin the left wheel to make sure that the platform comes back out so that it safely lands on the platform.

Now in order to get to the top of the tank, get back to first tunnel and then go right, then left and then left again to get on top of the tank and go across it and then left and then downstairs.

There will be another wheel ahead. Spin it and the door will open. Go ahead and hide as there will be a monster ahead. When the monster is gone, follow the green light ahead.

There will be another green light downstairs and you will see a hole in the wall as well, keep an eye for a monster here and make sure to hide.

When the monster is gone, go through the hole and take a left, then a right and then you will be in the water.

Swim your way to the End

Now you have to make your way through the hole while swimming, make sure to breathe, and then keep moving forward.

Go to the left from the second spot, and you will be at a new spot, here you have to be very quick as the monster will appear from the gate you try to go through at first.

Quickly move around and get the pipe in other gate and get through it. Get to the next spot and the move straight from there to another spot.

There will be a wheel here, spin it to open the hatch, and this will trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, follow the light in the cave and when you get to the exit you will see that it is blocked, wait for the light to appear again and follow it to another exit and a cutscene will appear again which will mark the end of The Cistern for you.