AMD Zen 2 Architecture Has Been Finalized, Will Be Immune To Spectre (Already Immune To Meltdown)

AMD Zen 2 architecture has been finalized and will be ready for mass production in a few months time. Meanwhile, Zen + sampling has already bee started. AMD Zen 2 architecture will be immune to Spectre which is great as AMD is already immune to Meltdown. Intel has promised immune chips before the end of the year so think makes perfect sense.

AMD CEO Lisa Su talked about this concern and the following is what she had to say:

“For Spectre variant 1, we continue actively working with our ecosystem partners on mitigations, including operating system packages that have begun to roll out. We continue to believe that variant 2 of Spectre is difficult to exploit on AMD processors. However, we are deploying CPU microcode packages that in combination with operating system patches, provide additional mitigation steps.”

Lisa Su made it clear that Zen 2 will not only be immune to Spectre but will also be safe from potential exploits that could be found in the future. She further went on to say the following:

“Longer term, we have included changes in our future processor cores, starting with our Zen 2 design, to further address potential Spectre-like exploits. We continue to collaborate closely with the industry on these vulnerabilities, and are committed to protecting AMD users on these and other security threats, as they arise.”

We have got the financials of AMD and 2017 has turned out to be a great year for the company. AMD CEO Lisa Su previously talked about the fact that more money was put into research and development in 2017 as compared to 2016, and more money will be invested in 2018 as compared to the previous year.

AMD has been profitable in 2017 and the company has shown impressive numbers which shows that the company is back with a bang. You can check out further information here.

AMD Vega Mobile has been announced and this is something that even Nvidia is looking out for and word has it that Nvidia is going to release Nvidia GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti Max-Q design graphics cards in order to compete with AMD in the laptop market.

APUs based on the Zen + 12nm architecture will be coming out starting April and we have already seen some benchmarks but it will be interesting to see how Intel respond to this upcoming threat.

AMD Zen 2 Architecture

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