AMD Vega Softlaunch Confirmed For Computex 2017, Market Availability Later In June

During a Reddit AMA, AMD head Raja Koduri has confirmed the company will have a Vega softlaunch at Computex later this month, starting on June 30th.

Since the GPUs won’t be available immediately after the display at Computex 2017, this is why AMD is terming it as a Vega softlaunch with actual GPU availability to follow later in June. Koduri said during the AMA that:

We’ll be showing Radeon RX Vega off at Computex, but it won’t be on store shelves that week. We know how eager you are to get your hands on Radeon RX Vega, and we’re working extremely hard to bring you a graphics card that you’ll be incredibly proud to own

The very first high-end AMD Vega GPU to be made available will be the Vega Frontier Edition, although this particular GPU isn’t for the majority of the gamer audience and is targeted towards enthusiasts and rendering professionals.

Apart from Vega Frontier Edition, there are also reports of 3 other AMD Vega GPUs in the works and are expected to be revealed at Computex as part of the Vega softlaunch followed by market availability in June.

The cheapest one of these three GPUs will be the Vega Core for $400 and is expected to go up against Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and deliver the same if not better performance.

Similarly, the most expensive one, Vega Nova will cost $600 and is expected to counter Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti, the most powerful GPU for mainstream gamers at a reduced price.

Despite so many products in the pipeline, it seems like AMD might not be able to make the huge comeback many were hoping for. According to reports, at the time of launch only about 16,000 Vega GPUs will be available.

AMD is expected to replenish this small stock after a few weeks but given the lead Nvidia already has in terms of high-end GPUs, this might not be enough.

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