AMD Vega GPU Giveaway Being Held Without The GPU Being Released

There is a lot of hype surrounding AMD Vega and there is a good reason for that. What we have seen at the AMD Demos was amazing to say the very least and we are all excited to see what the full potential of AMD Vega might be. Although the AMD Vega GPU has not been released yet there is an AMD Vega GPU giveaway happening and you can take part in the competition as well.

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In order to take part in the AMD Vega GPU Giveaway and have a chance at winning one of the AMD Vega GPUs you need to answer three questions which are as follows:

  1. What is Vega named after?
  2. What is the Somnum Industries symbol?
  3. Where can you see the word ‘Zen’?

AMD Vega GPU Giveaway

Seems simple enough. If you get the answers to these questions right then you will be able to be part of the AMD Vega GPU giveaway. This is a great way for AMD to get the word out there even though they have people around the world hooked already in anticipation of AMD Vega.

We are not sure when these GPUs are going to be coming out but from the looks of this promotion, I would say the wait would not be much longer.

All things considered, it would be amazing to get one of these AMD Vega GPUs for free and before the rest of the world gets one. Rumors claim that AMD Vega will be coming out in May so the winner of this competition might be getting a free GPU by then. I am sure there are people out there that would be willing to pay a huge markup to get their hands on this GPU first.

Be part of the AMD Vega GPU Giveaway if you are interested in getting one of these high-end GPUs for free.


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