AMD Vega Frontier Edition Price Leaked, Starting At $1,199 For The Air Cooled Variants

AMD Vega Frontier Edition was showcased a few weeks ago but AMD did not reveal how much these GPUs will cost. There will be two versions of the AMD Vega Frontier Edition GPUs, the air cooled versions and the liquid cooled variants. Both of them will have different price points. We now have more information regarding the AMD Vega Frontier Edition price.

AMD Vega Frontier Edition price showed up on the internet a while back and we have seen the listings for the GPUs at a few online retailers. From what we have found it seems that the air cooled AMD Vega Frontier Edition will cost $1,199 and the liquid cooled version will cost $1,799. This is much more than what you pay for the GTX 1080 Ti or the Titan XP.

The AMD Vega Frontier Edition price is high indeed but this is not something that the average gamer is going to stand in line for as these GPUs are for professional use and hence the high price.

Corporations that work in the fields of AI will be interested in getting these GPUs and for them, this price is very competitive. Talking about the specifications. For the money you get the following specs:

  • Vega architecture
  • 25 TFLOPS Peak FP16 Compute Performance
  • 13 TFLOPS Peak FP32 Compute Performance
  • 16 GB High Bandwidth Cache
  • 64 Next-Gen Compute Units
  • 4096 Stream Processors

According to the product description:

The state of the art memory system on Radeon Vega Frontier Edition removes the capacity limitations of traditional GPU memory. Thanks to automatic, fine-grained memory movement controlled by the high bandwidth cache controller, Vega enables creators and designers to work with much larger, more detailed models and assets in real time.

AMD Vega Frontier Edition price is high but it has a lot to offer as well. We will let you know about the actual performance of these GPUs when they come out.

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