AMD Vega Announcement Teased By Raja Koduri & Chris Hook, Could Be Announced Today

AMD Vega has been on the horizon for some time now and we have seen leaks in various forms but there is little that AMD has officially told us. AMD’s graphics guru and head of the Radeon Technologies Group Raja Koduri might have teased the AMD Vega announcement. It is possible that AMD Vega announcement could be today.

We already know that AMD is holding a live stream today and that the company will be talking about the roadmap ahead, as well as new products. These will be CPUs as well as GPUs. We are most excited about the AMD Vega announcement that could take place today. Some reports claimed that we would be able to see Vega later on this month.

We also heard reports about seeing custom AMD Vega GPUs at Computex 2017, but better sooner than later. Raja Koduri along with Chris Hook, Sr Radeon Marketing Director, have been very active on Twitter lately and this could be because they are excited to announce something new.

Here is what Chris Hook had to say on Twitter:

Raja Koduri took JFK’s famous quote, “We stand today on the edge of a new frontier”. This might be an indication of an upcoming AMD Vega announcement. He also mentioned that he would give something special to the first 10 people who will be able to complete this quote. This is very interesting indeed and the speculation here would be that 10 people are going to get Vega GPUs.

Whatever the case may be the event is not too far away and we will be able to get to the bottom of this in a few hours. Let us know what you think about the mysterious tweets and whether or not you think these are teasers for an upcoming AMD Vega announcement.

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