7nm AMD Vega And AMD Navi GPU Architectures Announced At CES 2018

AMD revealed its upcoming 2018-2020 GPU lineup earlier today at CES 2018, unveiling a roadmap listing finally putting an end to the rumors of a 12nm AMD Vega refresh, instead revealing and jumping straight into a new Vega 7nm architecture for this year along with a AMD Navi 7nm for 2019 and a to-be-announced 7nm+ ‘Next-gen’ architecture set to be released sometime in 2020.

AMD also notably announced successors to its aging 14nm Zen x86 CPU microarchitecture with 7nm Zen 2 and 7nm+ Zen 3 succeeding it in the coming year or so. The 7nm AMD Vega is rumored to be AMD Vega 20 GPU teased and mentioned many times before by AMD. It is meant to be a power efficient successor to the AMD Vega 10 GPU.

Gamers, however, will have to wait longer to get their hands on the 7nm AMD Navi GPU as they are initially going to be sampled by large tech companies and corporate customers to aid with machine learning and high-performance computing applications thanks the 7nm Vega GPU’s better optimized enterprise-class deep learning inference and faster general purpose HPC clusters.

The 7nm AMD Vega is also branded by AMD has part of its ‘Radeon Instinct’ series and AMD will be using TSMC to manufacture this line of graphics microprocessors. Also, check out other hardware products that we are excited to see in 2018.

AMD’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mark Papermaster added in a statement that, developers need to better their use of the multi-core and parallel threads processing capabilities in order for end-users and consumers to reap the full benefits since clock speeds will only increase so much rate as time progresses on.

Let us know if you think AMD’s aggressive push towards 7nm GPU architecture will give it an edge over its competitors, Nvidia and Intel and whether it is just what they need to a leg over them.

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