AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs Features 16-cores And 32-threads, To Launch In June

AMD Ryzen already has a lead in the CPU market when it comes to price vs core count and AMD is looking to keep that lead going strong with the upcoming AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs. As of right now, we know that AMD Ryzen 7 features 8-cores and 16-threads but AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper is going to take things to another level with 16-cores and 32-threads.

We have already seen the leaked AMD enterprise roadmap that features upcoming CPUs that include Naples and Starship. You can check out that article if you are interested in finding out what you can expect at the upcoming AMD event. The core count has been increasing dramatically from what we have seen in these past couple of days.

We have heard about the upcoming Intel i9 processor and it could be possible that the AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs are a response to the i9 CPUs, or are the i9 CPUs a response to AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs? At this point, there is little that we know about both but things are sure to get very interesting in the upcoming few weeks.

AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs

If reports are to be taken to heart, then this too is another enterprise CPU and not something for the general consumers to look out for. The upcoming CPUs will work fine with the current AMD SP3 server socket. AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPUs will support quad-channel DDR4 memory and will use the 4094-pin SR3 socket.

The max TDP is reported to be 180W, which is impressive for a CPU of this power. At this point in time, we have no information regarding the price or the release of this CPU but seeing how Computex is right around the corner we should get some new details regarding the upcoming products.

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