AMD Ryzen CPUs Are All Sold out At Some Retailers, Still 5 Days To Launch

AMD Ryzen CPUs are just a few days away from launch and it seems that all the hype created around AMD Ryzen is paying off in terms of pre-orders as we talked about AMD climbing the sales list to the best selling CPUs on Amazon. Keeping in mind that these AMD Ryzen CPUs are not even out yet, this is very impressive.

As of right now, major retailers like Amazon and Newegg have stated that AMD Ryzen CPUs are out of stock and there is no news regarding when they will be available. Although we were told that there would be no supply issues when it comes to AMD Ryzen chips it seems that the initial batch has been pre-ordered and there are no more chips. At leat until the next batch comes in.

AMD Ryzen CPUs

Looking at the hype and pre-orders it seems that we will be dealing with the same thing that happened with the RX 400 series GPUs. It took a while before people could get their hands on those GPUs as they would sell out instantly.

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There are some retailers that are claiming to have stock in the US and there are those that have stock only in Canada. You better get your order in quickly before you end up waiting for the next batch. From what we have seen so far AMD Ryzen CPUs are shaping up to be very competitive both in performance and price. Hence they seem to be great value for money.

AMD Ryzen CPUs are getting a lot of hype and even though Intel seems to be holding up I think the company knows what’s coming up its way. Let us know what you think about these AMD Ryzen CPUs that will be coming out on March 2nd. Also, let us know if you are considering buying one of these processors.

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