AMD Ryzen Processors Still Fail to Reach the 5GHz Clock Mark

While AMD Ryzen Processors are catching up fast with Intel, there is still one minor thing that's missing. the 5hz clock sweet spot.

While AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has struggled in the past, the new AMD Ryzen processors helped turn the tables around. After revealing their 7nm Zen 2 architecture, they keep breaking boundaries. Although there is one boundary that they still haven’t managed to cross. AMD Ryzen processors fail to reach the 5GHz sweet spot. This leaves room for vulnerability as rival blue team may take advantage of this slight weakness.

AMD had the opportunity to reach the 5GHz frequency with their previous 14nm process node. But complications would make this not possible to execute. The public is unaware of the details regarding these issues. Speculation on this issue can still be found on the AMD help forums where overclockers are discussing the matter.

In 2019 the chief of performance strategist, Ryan Shrout posted a tweet in which he took a jab at AMD regarding the following issue. His statement.

“We are proud of the technologies and products we build, and despite some competitor solutions that the community is questioning, the Core i9–9900K and Core i9–9900KS are TRUE 5.0GHz processors,”

Shrout further added survey results that revealed that only 5.6% of the users have managed to reach AMDs advertised boost clock speeds. Later on, the president of Velocity Computers who is partners with both Intel and AMD added to this.

“that doesn’t degrade the processors’ capabilities at all.” and later “It’s a perception issue that’s not helpful, but it’s not going to be pervasive in the long run,”

Now even when AMD addressed the issue and talked about an upcoming fix through a BIOS update, the issue remains to this day. However, this is only an issue for overclocking enthusiasts. AMD may have failed to deliver higher boost clocks but it still features more cores and threads compared to Intel.

It is still in lead in terms of performance. The leaked benchmark scores revealed “true 5GHz CPU” Core i9 was under the Red team’s Ryzen 4000 series.

Leaks about a 10th Gen Comet Lake-H Xeon mobile CPU have also surfaced in the past days. The specs revealed the new CPU to also boost at 5.3 GHz.

But AMD has competed against other recent Intel processors with similar boost clocks. Even with the frequency edge being on Intel’s side, the Red team appeared victorious. Putting these benchmark scores into consideration, this was more of a cheap shot than a jab by Intel.

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