AMD RX Vega: What We Know So Far Ahead Of Launch

AMD RX Vega is supposed to release on the 31st of July at Siggraph. There have been all kinds of leaks and reports regarding the upcoming AMD RX Vega GPUs and here we are going to talk about all that we know about the upcoming GPUs from AMD. While AMD has plenty in the mid-range, there is nothing for the enthusiast market and hence the wait for AMD RX Vega.

AMD has been out of the game for a while and has yet to enter the enthusiast GPU market. The upcoming AMD RX Vega GPUs are supposed to compete with the high-end Nvidia GPUs, the GTX 1080 and the 1080 Ti. Having that said all will come down to the price to performance numbers and whether or not the AMD GPUs can keep cool under load. Which has been an issue in the past.

While people have been comparing the AMD Vega FE to the high-end Nvidia GPUs in order to speculate the performance of the Vega gaming GPUs, I think that it is not fair as the GPU is not optimized for gaming neither is it meant for gaming. This is something that you need to keep in mind when you see AMD Vega FE benchmarks.

Having that said, one thing that is impressive is how well the AMD Vega FE scales when two GPUs are used together in a CrossFire configuration. You can check out the scaling here.

How Many AMD RX Vega GPUs Can You Expect?

From what we have heard of, there will be 3 AMD RX Vega variants coming out at launch. These include AMD RX Vega XTX, Vega XT And Vega XL. The XTX will be the high-end, top of the line water cooled variant while the XT will be air cooled. The Vega XL will be the cut down version and might cost less than the other 2 variants. Hybrid GPUs are much more expensive.

The more powerful XTX and XT will feature 4096 stream processors while the XL will feature 3584 stream processors. The XT and the XL will come with 8 GB of HBM2 memory but the memory for the XTX has not been confirmed yet. It might come with 16 GB of HBM2 memory but that is just speculation.

AMD RX Vega Performance?

The AMD RX Vega GPUs are supposed to be enthusiast graphics cards and they should be able to handle 4K 60 FPS. That is what we have seen in recent demos. The Doom demo seems to be the most relevant. The Vulkan API should help AMD RX Vega GPUs reach 60 FPS at 4K resolution. Leaks suggest that these GPUs will be on par with the GTX 1080 if not the GTX 1080 Ti.

Then again these are early leaks and the drivers have not been optimized for gaming yet. With optimized drivers, AMD might be able to bring the performance of these GPUs closer to that of the GTX 1080 Ti. Do keep your fingers crossed though. You can check out the leaked benchmarks here. Doom is an older game and the Prey demo is more recent.

The game was being run using a pair of Vega GPUs and while there was no FPS counter the game was clearly running at more than 60 FPS at 4K. This was confirmed later on by  Raja Koduri.


There will be aftermarket versions of the Vega GPUs and they will offer better performance as compared to the reference design variants. It will be interesting to see what AIB partners will be able to do and how much of a performance boost they will offer.

How Much Will AMD RX Vega GPUs Cost?

This is the golden question and something that is not easily answered. The mining boom has caused chaos in the GPU market as well as the CPU market. Even lower end GPUs are being sold at high prices. Provided that you can even get your hands on one as all the decent GPUs have been sold out as miners try to get rich quick.

If the conditions were ideal and the mining boom could be isolated somehow, I would say that the prices of AMD RX Vega GPUs will be lower than the Nvidia offerings. That might not seem like much seeing how Nvidia Volta based GPUs could come out anytime soon. Still, if the price is right you could end up with a high-end GPUs that is good value for money.

AMD RX Vega GPUs Availability?

There have been reports that the GPUs will be announced at Siggraph and will be available for purchase soon after. We have seen the leaked AIB manufacturing schedule and it seems that AMD will be releasing the final BIOS to partners on the 2nd of August. If that is right then only the reference design variants will be out right after Siggraph.

You can expect the AIB versions to come out after the first week of August. Having that said we should all pray that the mining boom comes to a rest and that the miners are not the first in line to grab the GPUs. The later release could help the mining issue to settle down but nothing can be said for sure. This is all that we know about the upcoming  AMD RX Vega GPUs. Let us know what you think and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these GPUs.

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