Why AMD RX Vega Graphics Cards Are Destined To Fail In 2018

AMD RX Vega graphics cards came out earlier last year and at launch did not do too well. Having that said, some tweaking and optimizations were made in order to make the graphics card perform better with each major AAA title release. All things considered, we know that Nvidia dominated the graphics card market in 2017 and the same can be said for 2018.

What we know of right now is that Nvidia is going to release a new graphics architecture for consumer gaming graphics cards. We know this because Nvidia has already released Nvidia Volta for the professional market as well as the server market. It is anticipated that Nvidia Volta will be coming out for gaming graphics cards later this year.

Why is this a problem? While we thought that Navi would be coming out this year it seems that it will not be implemented into gaming products this year and AMD will have to face off Nvidia Volta with the AMD Vega 64 and AMD Vega 56. We have seen the AMD graphics roadmap for 2018 and it does not look good at all for team red. You can check it out below:

AMD will be competing with Nvidia and Nvidia has been dominating the market for some time now. Remember that this is a company that has brought a new architecture and innovation year after year ever since launching Kepler in 2012. Nvidia knows how to get products to market and how to deal with supply and demand issues.

AMD just made a comeback into the graphics card market with the AMD RX Vega graphics cards and we have already seen how long it took for the new shipment of graphics cards to come in. It took weeks if not months for AMD RX Vega graphics cards to become available in the market and this inflated prices to a degree that people even had to pay double in order to get one of the AMD RX Vega graphics cards.

How will AMD RX Vega 64 and 56 be able to compete with the all new Nvidia Volta graphics cards? The answer is simple, AMD won’t be able to compete for the high-end market at all. Nvidia Volta can barely match the high-end Pascal graphics cards and Nvidia Volta will blow AMD RX Vega out of the water.

AMD RX Vega Graphics Cards

Let us know what you think about the AMD RX Vega graphics cards and whether or not you think they will be enough to compete with the upcoming Nvidia Volta series of gaming GPUs.

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