The AMD RX 490 Appeared On A Retailer’s Website

AMD RX 490 is the rumored upcoming high-end GPU from team red and though we do not know much about it, screenshots reveal that it has been found listed on a retailer’s website. The GPU is rumored to either feature the new Vega architecture or to be a dual Polaris GPU. Either way, it is supposed to be a high-performance GPU and is aimed at VR enthusiasts.

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If indeed this is a dual GPU then it is possible that each processor will be powering graphics for each eye in VR headsets and this could be very interesting to see. Although AMD has not said anything about the GPU rumor has it that this GPU will be better than Nvidia offering in terms of price and performance but unless we see what the GPU has to offer we cannot say anything

The AMD RX 490 is supposed to compete with the GTX 1080 and should allow gamers to enjoy games at 4K resolution and should support VR as well. While it is not clear whether the AMD RX 490 will feature Vega or dual Polaris is it more likely that the later will be true as Vega will be coming out later in 2017 and the AMD RX 490 is rumored to coming out before the end of the year.

As there has been not confirmation what so ever from AMD it would be a good idea to take all this information with a grain on salt and try not to be too excited about this already. It has been reported that the upcoming AMD RX 490 will also feature a higher memory bus than what we have seen on AMD GPUs. Also, it seems that the GPU will also require more power in order to run properly.

We will have to see what the AMD RX 490 has to offer when it comes to gaming, let’s see if it even comes out this year or not. What do you think about AMD RX 490?

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