Leaked AMD Roadmap Reveals Castle Peak And NG HEDT Products For 2019 And 2020

AMD Ryzen 2000 CPUs and APUs are yet to launch, however, AMD roadmap for its CPU and APU products till 2020 has leaked online revealing the codenames for the upcoming line of processors.

According to the leaked AMD roadmap, AMD plans to roll out consumer grade CPUs and APUs till 2020. As you can see in the image below, AMD will roll out Threadripper 2nd Gen, Pinnacle Ridge, and Raven Ridge this year.

As for 2019, AMD roadmap suggests that the company will roll out Castle Peak which will be the successor to Threadripper, Matisse which will be the successor to Pinnacle Ridge, and Picasso which will be the successor to Raven Ridge.

For the year of 2020, AMD plans to NG HEDT which will be the successor to Threadripper line of processors, Vermeer will the successor to Pinnacle Ridge and Matisse, while Renoir will be the successor to Raven Ridge and Picasso.

However, given that it is just a leak take it with a grain of salt as this leaked roadmap could potentially be fake.

Speaking of AMD, the company has announced EPYC 3000 and Ryzen V1000 Embedded Processors to “enter a new age for high-performance embedded processors”.

EPYC 3000 is powered by the “Zen” architecture and is targeted towards “networking, storage and edge computing” devices while Ryzen V1000 has different use cases.

Also, Globalfoundries has revealed that Ryzen 3000 CPUs will hit 5 GHz On The 7nm Process which will be a big step ahead as currently, the processors tend to stay around 4.5 GHz of clock speed and anything above that has to be achieved through overclocking.

With stock CPUs and APUs providing 5 GHz clock speed, it will be interesting to see how much further these processors could go with overclocking.

What do you think of the leaked AMD roadmap for Ryzen 2000 and upcoming CPUs and APUs? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Informaticacero

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