AMD RDNA 2 beats Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti by 50%

AMD RDNA 2 maybe the trump card for the red team that will allow them to go further beyond the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti - by around 50% performance boost.

We are waiting for Advanced Micro Devices to share specific details on Big Navi & RDNA 2 before carrying out performance speculations. On the Financial Analyst Day, the public got precise details on the new architecture. RDNA 2 has finally proven to be higher in performance as compared to RDNA 1. AMD  does not plan to hold back on performance this time. RDNA 2 could be AMD’s fix for lacking in graphics performance against Nvidia.

Earlier, AMD  claimed a 50% higher performance-per-watt for RDNA 1. This speculation should show a performance increase comparing it with their old Vega 64 GPU. The RX 5700 XT will be a good competitor against Vega 64 giving us a rough idea for RDNA 2. With the help of RDNA 1, AMD could compete with the beefy RTX 2080 Ti which is more power-hungry. RDNA 2 maybe the trump card for AMD that will allow them to go further beyond the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti.

AMD has learned from its mistakes in the past courtesy of the Vega GPU line. It was announced that two separate GPU architectures, RDNA & CDNA are in the works at present. While the RDNA’s emphasis will be on consumer-grade gaming GPUs, CDNA will concentrate on Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing.

A roadmap for the next GPU architecture in line is available to us. These details revealed that RDNA 2 will be using the TSMC’s 7nm Process compared to the Zen 4 Epyc genoa.

The three significant performance enhancements highlighted by AMD on the upcoming RDNA 2 architecture  are:

  • Extreme Performance With Efficient Power.
  • Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing.
  • Variable Shading

With some speculation of the details revealed, we can now estimate how much edge does AMD have over Nvidia. Firstly, their Navi GPU is declared to be extremely powerful while being power efficient. The second feature AMD is hyping up is the 4K performance increase which hints Navi to be in the flagship status.

Although these two features are good selling points, RDNA 2  will also support Accelerated Ray Tracing and Variable  Rate Shading. Lastly, with the number of features being on board, AMD is claiming RDNA 2 to be 50% better than the past Vega architecture.

In January 2020, a mysterious GPU from the Red brand appeared on benchmarks. This GPU identified as an AMD Radeon RX  and apparently beat the monstrous Nvidia RTX 2080Ti. This GPU still lacks a series name but was running on an AMD Ryzen 4800H CPU. Though the benchmarks were only OpenVR tests, this may reach the shelves in the upcoming months.

AMD has already secured a win for now over Intel and its aim to dominate Nvidia seems promising as well. Only time will tell what AMD has in store for us with their second-generation DNA 2 architecture.

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