AMD Radeon Vega GPU Featuring 16 GB HBM2 Memory At 1600 MHz With 4096 Cores Leaked

AMD Radeon Vega already has multiple leaks and we are still waiting for official word from AMD Regarding the upcoming AMD Radeon Vega and what kind of performance that we can expect from it. Another AMD Radeon Vega GPU has been leaked and the leak shows interesting new details that you might be interested in.

According to new AMD Radeon Vega GPU leak, the graphics card in question features 16 GB of HBM2 memory which is running at 1600 MHz. This is much higher than what we have seen in the Fiji GPUs that used HBM memory. The leak also reveals that the GPU has 4096 cores. At this point, we do not know if this GPU belongs to Radeon RX, Radeon Pro or Radeon Instinct brand.

What we do know is that AMD will be releasing at least one Vega based GPU under each brand and from what we have seen in Linux driver code, there could be more than one. The GPUs could be configured differently for each brand but we know that all of them will be based on the AMD Vega architecture.

Reports claim that the AMD Vega GPU will be able to achieve a compute performance of 12.5 TFLOPs. We have heard that the AMD Vega GPU will run at 1526 MHz, the new leak states that the frequency is 1600 and in light of this new information, this could mean that the GPU will be able to push out more than 13 TFLOPs of computing performance.

AMD might give us more details regarding the AMD Radeon Vega GPU at the upcoming AMD event. There have been reports that we might be able to see custom AMD Vega GPUs at Computex 2017. Nvidia has already talked about Volta and enterprise applications for the new architecture. Keeping that in mind, we might see AMD Vega sooner than later.

Let us know what you think about this AMD Radeon Vega GPU and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in.

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