AMD: Hitman to Use DX12 Async Compute Tech for Better Workload Management

AMD has announced a partnership with IO-Interactive that will allow it to add the upcoming Hitman in the ‘Gaming Evolved’ app. According to AMD, the game will boast ‘top-flight effects and performance optimizations for PC gamers.’

The press release further reads that Hitman will use Asynchronous Compute Engines (ACEs) only found in Radeon graphics chips to ‘handle heavier workloads and better image quality without compromising performance.’

Aside from these notable DirectX 12 features, the game will fully support DirectX 11 as well since DX12 is exclusive to Windows 10 and there are a lot people who have yet to transfer.

Furthermore, the company stated that it is looking forward to provide exceptional performance to people who invested heavily in their gaming machines with AMD Eyefinity, Ultrawide Support, and Super Sample Anti-Aliasing for the best possible AA quality.

In a statement, AMD noted that the partnership started with Hitman: Absolution back in 2012 and continues to for another great showcase for the PC gamers:

With on-staff game developers, source code and effects, the AMD Gaming Evolved program helps developers to bring the best out of a GPU. And now in 2016, Hitman gets the same PC-focused treatment with AMD and IO Interactive to ensure that the series’ newest title represents another great showcase for PC gaming!

Hitman is scheduled to release on Mar. 11, 2016 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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