AMD Have Interesting Plans for the Future of Console and VR Gaming

AMD already have plans for the future of console gaming, and they believe it will have a strong focus in Virtual Reality. Don’t get too worried about your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 being replaced just yet though as AMD believe that the next generation will be coming in 2018.

In a report on WCCFTech they claim a “source” close to AMD provided them with the information about AMD’s future plans for their APU chips which power the current generation of consoles. Their plans for 2018 are to provide chips for the next generation of the consoles and to have a focus on VR.

The aim for the APU is to upgrade the architecture so that it can achieve five times the performance/watt of the current generation chips. This will result in more powerful consoles with the same level of power consumption in current generation consoles. These chips are aimed to be provided to the console companies by 2018. Of course this doesn’t mean that the consoles will be released that year, but at least they will have a finalised APU to work with.

With the more powerful chips this will improve the performance of Virtual Reality with consoles. The problem that current consoles have is the lack of processing power that they can provide for the Virtual Reality headset. To compensate for this, the graphics quality takes a hit. With the potential of five times the power from the next generation APUs this will hopefully cease to be a problem.

This along with their work with its LiquidVR development kit looks very interesting, and shows AMD’s commitment to the future of Virtual Reality. It will be interesting to see what is revealed in 2018 and what the future of console gaming will be.

What are your views on this latest AMD speculation? Let us know your thoughts below.

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