AMD Flute SOC Leaked, To be Used With Xbox Scarlett?

An AMD system-on-a-chip (SoC) codenamed Flute was recently discovered by Twitter user KOMACHI_ENSAKA via UserBenchmark database. The mysterious mention of SoC was recently removed and its purpose is currently unknown. However, there’s a rumor that AMD’s Flute SOC will be powering Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console aka Xbox Scarlett.

We do know that Microsoft is working with AMD on a custom SoC, which will combine the power of a processor (Zen 2) and graphics card for its next Xbox. Keeping that in mind, there’s a chance that this rumored SoC Flute is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s custom Gonzalo SoC for PlayStation 5.

According to UserBenchmark database, AMD SoC Flute comes with eight-core (Zen 2 Cores), 16 thread processor, and SMT capability. The mentioned base clock speed of the Flute SoC is just 1.6GHz with a maximum boost of 3.2GHz. Those are not mind-blowing clocks compared to the existing Zen 2 lineup and suggest us that SoC aka Flute will be a low-power part of Xbox Scarlett, similar to AMD’s Jaguar SoC of Xbox One.

Xbox Scarlett Specs

On the graphics side, AMD will be providing “Navi 10Lite GPU” with SoC Flute. Keeping that in mind, we should expect a cut-down version of Navi 10. In the end, UserBenchmark listed 16GB of unspecified memory which is expected to be shared memory between the CPU and GPU.

All of the above information does reveal us more details about Xbox Scarlett specs but it should be noted that the information is from a leaked benchmark. It means that we really don’t know if AMD Flute Soc will be actually used in Xbox Scarlett or not.

In addition to this, it’s worth mentioning that AMD Flute is an engineering sample. It means that the above-provided specifications are not final yet.

However, if Xbox Scarlett releases with SoC Flute and above-mentioned specs then it will be at least two times faster than previous-generation Jaguar SoCs found in Xbox One.

We advise everyone to treat the provided information as a rumor for now until Microsoft and AMD officially confirm Xbox Scarlett specs.

Xbox Scarlett release date is set for Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite as a launch title. It’s expected that the console will arrive with at least 1TB of storage space.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Project Scarlett will come with an SSD, which will provide 40x SSD performance increase over current-generation Xbox. The expected price of Scarlett is $600. Do check out our Xbox Scarlett specs vs PS5 specs article to know more about next-generation consoles.

Given the fact that Xbox Scarlett will release in 2020, we can expect Microsoft to reveal more details about the system soon.

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