AMD EPYC 2 CPUs Could Feature 64 Cores, 128 Threads And 256MB Cache

AMD EPYC CPUs feature some advantages over Intel Xeon. AMD EPYC CPUs feature 32 cores as compared to 28 on the Intel side and also come with 128 PCIe lanes as compared to 48 on Intel Xeon. A new rumor claims that the upcoming refresh, AMD EPYC 2 CPUs will feature up to 64 cores and 128 threads with 256 MB of cache. That could be a major improvement over what we have now.

It is also important to note that AMD EPYC supports 8-channel memory while Xeon supports 6 and that can make some difference in specific applications. No matter what the case is you might be thinking that the cost to produce such a die will be huge and the cost that people will pay for the AMD EPYC 2 will be higher as well and you would be right in thinking so.

We also have information regarding the 12nm FinFET process that AMD is moving to in 2018 and if that is the case then AMD might be able to make all this feasible. These CPUs are for the server and data center markets where they need huge amounts of processing power and these upcoming chips will come in handy there.

AMD has the upper hand right now when it comes to core count and the cores are very efficient as well. It would be a good move for the company to keep that lead in the market by offering double of what they are offering right now. That is bound to put some pressure on Intel which as delayed their 10nm process 3 times already. AMD is catching up.

This is a rumor right now so do that this information with a grain of salt and wait for confirmation.

Let us know what you think about AMD EPYC 2 and whether or not you think it will feature these additional cores.

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