Amazon Seemingly Scraps New World’s Promised Controller Support

It turns out that developer Amazon Games has no plans to add controller support for New World despite promising to do so months back.

Taking to Twitter last month, Amazon Games confirmed (via CanIPlayThat) that New World will not feature any native support for controllers at launch but players looking to play with controllers can always rely on third-party software.

Amazon Games has been pretty vague on the subject of supporting controllers. New World was previously mentioned to feature partial controller support but its Steam listing makes no mention of that. The developer had also assured at one point that the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game will have controller support at launch but is now going back on its word.

For what it is worth, Amazon Games has pointed out that all inputs in New World can be mapped out on any third-party compatible device. That should cover most traditional controllers as well as controllers designed for disabled gamers.

That being said, offering improved accessibility should always be considered as a basic requirement during development and not as a feature which developers work on after receiving feedback.

New World recently concluded a successful closed beta which saw the game top Steam charts last week. This might be the point where Amazon Games finally break through into the games industry after canning multiple projects such as the most recent one, Crucible.

New World is now available for pre-orders and will officially launch for PC on September 28, 2021. The game will available through Game Pass on day one as well. There will be no monthly subscriptions, and players will have to only purchase once to play the game for as long as they like.

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