Amazon Leaks Battlefield 1 Revolution Bundle, Includes Pretty Much Everything

The past couple of weeks have seen the developer teasing “a revolution” that is supposedly coming for Battlefield 1 later this month. The community originally thought that the teaser was point at the historical Russian Revolution that will play a role in the next expansion pack. However, it appears that the revolution being teased by the developer is actually a bundle.

Earlier today, Amazon France leaked a listing for Battlefield 1 Revolution that is scheduled to launch on August 22. According to the accompanying description, it will feature the base game as well as the Premium Pass that includes the four planned expansion packs. In addition, the product listing teases “much more” goodies that will be revealed later. We are assuming them to be cosmetic upgrades for Battlefield 1; perhaps even additional Scraps and crates for the players. It is slated for all three platforms will be priced €59,99.

The listing was taken down soon after. Provided that it is legitimate, we should see DICE make the official announcement at Gamescom 2017, scheduled to take place in the last week of the month.

Last month, it was revealed that the developer is looking to make all previously-released multiplayer maps free for everyone. Until then, players must consider whether or not to purchase In the Name of the Tsar, which releases for Battlefield 1 in September.

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