Is Amazon Acquiring Electronic Arts?

According to a new report, Amazon could be buying Electronic Arts. The official announcement could be made soon.

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Amazon could be buying video game company Electronic Arts (EA). The tech giant has reportedly outperformed other speculated candidates in the race to acquire EA. It’s rumored that the deal will be announced later today. However, neither Amazon nor EA has officially confirmed that the acquisition has taking place, and a possible purchase price is unknown.

Rumors about a potential EA acquisition have been circulating for several weeks. Apple, Disney, and Amazon were mentioned as potential buyers. According to For The Win (FTW), Amazon has finally made an acceptable offer. Also, Amazon could announce today that it has offered to buy Electronic Arts.

Apex Legends, Mass Effect, Battlefield, and other titles are just a few well-known games that EA has published throughout the years. In addition, the company owns several significant studios, including BioWare, DICE, and Respawn Entertainment. Also, it has a digital distribution platform called Origin.

Amazon hasn’t shied away from trying to break into the video game industry. The company in charge of publishing the New World and Lost Ark has been aggressively trying to make its mark in the industry and acquiring EA might have felt the right move.

The tech giant has Luna, a cloud-based gaming platform like Google Stadia, and Prime Gaming service. On the other hand, TV series and movies of some game franchises are under production with Amazon Prime Video.

This rumor seems to follow ground-breaking acquisitions and mergers in the video game industry. The biggest was Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $69 billion.

According to another source, it seems like Amazon hasn’t made an offer for Electronic Arts so the earlier report might have been a ruse. Stay tuned for further updates.

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